Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stop The Presses! Mad In America Compiles Database of Medical Pros To Help People TAPER OFF of Dangerous, Worthless, Psych Drugs

People who've been addicted to Psychiatric Drugs know, or Should know, that quitting Psychiatric Drugs cold turkey can be Far More Dangerous than staying on them. Getting these garbage drugs Out of someone's system should be done under the supervision of a Licensed Professional who knows how to do it.

Mad In America has;
MIA's New Directory of Providers For Medication Tapering

June 22, 2013

One of the first things I heard from Bob Whitaker when I joined Mad In America was this, “I get emails every single day from people asking if I know where they can get help coming off their medication, and I don’t know what to tell them. We need to do something about this.” Since then, I’ve received many messages with the same question myself, and rarely have I been able to offer concrete advice.
Thankfully, that has changed! Today, we are pleased to announce the Mad In America directory of service providers featuring practitioners and programs who support withdrawal from psychiatric drugs, as well as other alternatives to the mainstream paradigm of care.
I am excited about the opportunities this list will open up for individuals who know they want to reduce or cease their psych drugs and previously had trouble finding real-world assistance. Several of you have asked for this feature explicitly and it has taken longer than hoped for us to deliver, but here we are! I want to thank Laura Delano for her hard work in compiling this directory by evaluating existing lists and undertaking an impressive amount of personal outreach.
Laura has also updated and re-organized our resources page.
In its current state of roughly one hundred entries, our directory is in its infancy. We hope it will grow with your support to include many more practitioners who are willing to provide this highly demanded service.
Nominations for listings can be submitted directly to the site using the button in the upper-right corner of the directory. They will be reviewed, verified, and published by Laura Delano. You may also email suggested entries to her at
Entries can be viewed both by location and by category. Our list of categories includes:
  • Alternative Communities
  • Alternatives to Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Peer Respites
  • Places that Support Drug Withdrawal
  • Practitioners who Support Drug Withdrawal
Entries in the first three categories are various alternatives to the mainstream paradigm of care. Entries in the last two categories explicitly support drug withdrawal.
Our initial listings all reside in the United States except for one in Canada. We welcome submissions from all over the world!
The current location and category being viewed are listed in the upper-left corner of the directory. The site will remember which location you have last chosen when browsing the directory, so if you are surprised to see an empty page, be sure to make sure you are viewing the right region! Empty regions are hidden, so if you don’t see your state it’s because we don’t have a listing there yet.
I want to provide a disclaimer, which is that we are not doing any in-depth vetting, review, or certification of the listed practitioners and organizations. This list represents simply those service providers who share a willingness to support individuals who are reducing or ceasing the use of psychiatric drugs. Their beliefs, tools, and qualifications for who can receive this service naturally represent a broad spectrum with as many unique points as there are entries in the directory. Certain resources may be very useful to some individuals, while unhelpful to others.
It is my belief that this offering furthers our cause to encourage individual research, critical thinking, and thoughtful decision-making around mental health care.
Thank you for your support in making the directory, and this entire site, happen. I hope you all will spread the news of this service far and wide so that its existence becomes known to anyone who might find it useful.
Please respond below or email me at if you have any problems or suggestions regarding using the directory or any other aspect of the website.

Matthew Cohen
Building Community: Mad In America’s web developer and community manager offers thoughts and updates on the growth and direction of this website.

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