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The Newtown CT School Massacre and Senator Feinstein (D-Hypocrite)

Following the Newtown CT School Shooting Senator Dianne Hypocrite Feinstein has installed fresh D cells in her bullhorn to rebroadcast her stale message of more draconian, elitist, counterproductive, “It is for Thee but not for Me” gun confiscation as the only “Sensible” response to school safety.

"I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me.”
Ding Ding Ding! And we have a Winner!

Oh No! Isn't that one of those horrific Assault Rifles Dianne's running her yap about? Do those children look scared of the woman Wearing that Horrific Weapon?

Senator Feinstein is the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. So where’s all her vaunted Intelligence? As this next video clip demonstrates, Senator Feinstein's intelligence consists of bluffing out an evasion, hiking up her skirts, and physically fleeing a news interviewer questioning her unwillingness to debate her political challenger.

The reason she doesn’t Dare share her intelligence in a debate with her opponent or the voters, is because Senator Feinstein’s true constituency is not her party’s vaunted Democratic Majority of the people who Fund her redistributive, pro Communist Agenda. Far from it.
"U.S.-China Relations – There is no more important long-term bilateral relation for the United States than China."
And as we all know, the Chinese Communists are also strong proponents of making certain that those Evil, Assault Weapons remain in the hands of Soldiers and not Criminals.

No, Senator Feinstein’s true constituency is actually a Democrat Minority: the Unions in her home town of San Francisco where Union thugs commit Arson against their own for blowing the whistle on their scam. 
"Members of the SFFD are forbidden by union contract to speak to the press, about anything at all. That is why facts that every city taxpayer should know... remain hidden.
The rest of the fire departments across the country either do not know or don't seem to care about the SFFD trampling a fire department reputation. But among the vast majority of SFFD workers who milk the tax fund 2 days a week and go home, there are some who truly care, are proud enough of what they do to take a stand against abuse. One brave individual has. Inspector John Darmanin, a longtime department employee who has managed to keep his integrity amid corruption. He has been one of the very few truly brave individuals, who has spoken honestly about problems in the department he feels are a public danger or simply very wrong.  ...And suffered for it.
Over a period of years, and despite the union's abridgement of constitutional right to speak freely, John Darmanin has been exemplary. He volunteered his testimony before the Civil Grand Jury, and has helped to open public eyes to the dangerous practice of drinking and drug use on the job which has so much been in the news lately. He told the Grand Jury that drinking on the job was "frequent, open, and notorious".
After SFFD firefighter Mindy Ohler was killed in a fall from an engine, Darmanin gave an interview to KRON 4 News about safety "deficiencies". A few hours after the broadcast his car was firebombed."
Since they burn their own for speaking out, what do you think they’d do to Outsiders who challenge their corruption?

This is how the anti-American Left maintains their stranglehold on power through everybody else’s money. “If you look in there, Outsider, we'll burn your car, or maybe your business.” But for Some unfathomable reason, even the SFFD itself proved too full of such Everybody Else’s money Social Justice to escape having its Star Trek Jeffries Tube, Ambulance Billing Racket/Monopoly escape State Anti-Trust action back in 2008.

Have a Union and a Smile, Senator Hypocrite.


Two SFPD Officers watch over the crowd at a San Francisco Giants Baseball game.
The SFPD has been frequently met with criticism, unavoidable due to problems of accountability and corruption that plagued the department early in its inception. In 1937, an investigation, referred to as the "Atherton Report"[23] by District Attorney Matthew Bradyfound that more than $1 million per year was being pocketed by officers from regular payoffs by prostitution, gambling and other criminal interests. It has also dealt with attacks such as the Preparedness Day Bombing in 1916 and the San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing in the 1960s by leftist radicals.
Recent examples of controversy include police shootings, the reaction to Critical Mass bicycle rides and protests in the Financial District against U.S. foreign policy. Surprisingly the rate of complaints against officers and "excessive force" cases are lower relative to other big-city departments, such as the LAPD, the NYPD, or CPD. Nevertheless, the city retains one of the highest complaint rates; particularly when analyzed on a per-capita basis, factoring in the relatively small population of San Francisco compared to Los Angeles or New York. This could be attributed to several factors, including the dramatic increase of so called "transient population", or those coming to visit the city (increasing the population to approximately 1.3 million), or the proactive nature of the Office of Citizen Complaints, or OCC. The OCC, created by San Francisco City Charter, has been known to solicit complaints from people contacted by police, and while the initial complaint volume appears high, the actual volume of sustained complaints against officers is very low for a department of its size.[citation needed]
Notable incidents and events include the Golden Dragon massacre, a deadly shooting between Chinese gang members in the city's Chinatown district, and the 101 California Street shootings in 1993.
The crime lab's reputation worsened after an employee stole cocaine.[24]
In 2011, the FBI opened an investigation into alleged police misconduct. Public Defender Jeff Adachi released video footage from security cameras that showed different cases of SFPD officers entering apartments without warrants, plain-clothed officers not displaying badges, and officers removing belongings that were never accounted for in police reports and other court documents. The misconduct lead to dismissal of 57 criminal cases.

And Senator Feinstein’s Equally Mute Tax sucking Faculty of the local State University, UCSF, Overseen by Her financially conflicted husband (Diploma Mill Investor) Richard Blum
are Also incapable of noticing, ALL 1600 of them, that Their own money pit SFGH PES is perfectly comfortable with committing Felony offenses Related to Health Care matters.

US 18C47 Sec 1035 (5 years, that’s Felony)

So who was actually behind the firing of former UCSF Dean Dr. David Kessler: who so kindly provided us with his erudite exposition of Why J&J’s Illegal Marketing of Risperdal actually was Illegal? 

"Kessler's report was posted to the Court of Common Pleas electronic docket system late Wednesday in four pieces, as part of the J&J motion to preclude him from testifying. The pieces are all PDFs and links are hereherehere and here."
We may never know if Mr. Blum’s wife keeps running away from interviews. And what was it that got Dr. Kessler fired?

Well, there was this matter of up to $200 Million missing from UCSF, and Dr. Kessler just wouldn’t leave it alone. 

"[Kessler] has claimed in the past that he was fired for raising questions about major discrepancies in UCSF Medical School’s financial records. He claimed multiple versions of the same fiscal year’s financial statements were presented to him, and discrepancies totaling as much as $200 million over a 10-year projected time frame were ignored or obfuscated by UC officials."
But then what’s a paltry $200 Million among Academics and Socialist Unionistas?

It would seem to us, that America needs more of that kind of attitude of Dr. Kessler’s, rather than Senator Feinstein’s running away after shoveling More of America’s Tax Monies into her own COI-ed Husband’s crappy Diploma Mills.

But Dianne and her Party Central Committee have based a huge part of their City’s economy on screwing the other 49 States for Hundreds of Millions annually, and when you add in the SSDI outlays, SFGH & UCSF paychecks, Non-Profit ‘Mental Health’ Illuminati/Ignoranti etc, it’s certainly into the Billions.

While selling Shit Drugs which have ‘No Positive Outcome’

"Though a positive outcome has not been observed with the NJ Algorithm to date,researchers suspect that a larger sample size might generate significant findings in the future."

No matter which drugs singly or in which combination, no matter Which idiot Why Psychotherapies Never Get Better 'Bait & Switch' Brain Washing Mind Control, It AIN'T HealthcareTheories they offer our Vets, there has been "No Positive Outcome", ...... except of course for Russia & Communist China.

and are proven to Increase Violence by almost 300%

"Observations in prison have also associated neuroleptic treatment with increased aggressive behaviour. Inmates were better able to control their aggression until they were prescribed neuroleptics and then the aggression rate almost tripled.12"
Senator Hypocrite’s anti-Constitutional, pro-Communist Dictatorship, ‘Turn Them All In, Mr. and Mrs. America’ (excepting of course her Own exalted, Deer in the Headlights Hypocrisy-ness) becomes much easier to understand.

Especially in light of the Illegality of the whole schtick to Begin with.

US 18C95 Sec 1958: Murder For Hire

It would be nice to think she’d get to explain her actions to a Senate Ethics Committee Hearing, but since the Republicans threw the last election anyway we’re not expecting Them to convene one soon. And if you want to Call Senator Hypocrite’s Office to ask about her monomania, And her crooked City, where Every Child is fair game for Junk Science, Treasury Raiding Lobotomy Peddlers,

you’ve already seen what you’ll get for your time and efforts.

And before you go, how about one more parting look at Senator Dianne, Machine Gun Kelly Feinstein showing Everyone just what a Well Trained in Firearms Safety Expert she is.  

"The reporters, dignitaries and innocent bystanders packed into the room were too ignorant to be terrified as Feinstein swept the crowd with the muzzle of the Hungarian AK-47, bolt closed, finger on the trigger, with a high-capacity 75 round drum magazine locked in place!

San Francisco resident William A. Levinson wrote a certified letter to Mayor Willie Brown, Jr., demanding legal action against the blatant gun safety violations of the illustrious “Ms. Gun Control,” who holds a rare California concealed weapons permit.
Do as I say, not as I do..."

These are the Experts. Feinstein, Blum, and Obama are the Mentally Healthy. And Everybody else is Sick in the Head and in desperate need of Their Politics.   

And here are Senator Hypocrite's own, Home Town 'Mentally Healthy' Experts hard at work, also Burning Other People's Money.

Read the Performance Audit Memo. It's every bit as scary as Dianne, Dick, and Barack Barackovich themselves are.

The 2014 elections are coming. 

Take charge at home wherever you live and make certain you have Real Conservatives like Senator Charles Grassley and Representative Darrell Issa, not RINOs, to defeat Senator Hypocrite and Her ilk.

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