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Michelle: New Obama Outfit To Create "World As It Should Be"

The Washington Examiner has;
Michelle: New Obama Outfit To Create "World As It Should Be"
January 18, 2013 | 2:55 pm | Modified: January 18, 2013 at 3:00 pm
by Paul Bedard

A Socialist Utopia.

The nation's most famous community organizer is back at it. President Obama today announced a new group, Organizing for Action, to push his agenda like gun control.
It was announced in an Obama email and in a video by first lady Michelle Obama, sporting her new bangs. It is a successor to Obama's campaign operation, Organizing for America.
In the video, Michelle Obama said that the Obama campaign group will help create a society in her husband's eyes. "The work you've done has brought us so much closer to the world as it should be."
Friend --
Today, a new grassroots organization is being launched: Organizing for Action.
Following in the footsteps of the campaign you built, Organizing for Action will be an unparalleled force in American politics. It will work to turn our shared values into legislative action -- and it'll empower the next generation of leaders in our movement.
Michelle recorded a video to tell you more about the new organization -- take a look and let OFA know you're in:
We may have started this as a long shot presidential primary campaign in 2007, but it's always been about more than just winning an election. Together, we've made our communities stronger, we've fought for historic legislation, and we've brought more people than ever before into the political process.
We have the power to do even more to change our politics and our country for the better. With Organizing for Action, you'll have every resource you need to do it.
But it starts with you. This new organization is in your hands.
I'm so excited to see what you all do next -- and so grateful to be part of it.

Yep. They want to create a World that looks just like California, with free Lobotomies and Food Stamps for all.
And Increase the amount of Violence, Also for One and All, by almost 300%.
And don't you worry about those Pesky Civil Rights things either, Because Comrade Chairman is going to Remake Your World!

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And The Peoplescube

Golden state leaders expressed shock and dismay today when the State Treasury announced that income tax revenues for the last quarter had dropped to near zero in spite of a recent increase in the effective income tax rate to 100%.

"This is not possible" said a visibly shaken Governor Jerry Brown as he sunbathed under a full moon at the state capitol. "Before every one of the umpteen-odd times my administration has raised taxes, we've commissioned studies by prestigious universities on the potential effects. Each of those 
studies concluded people really don't care about tax rates and that quality-of-life issues, like being able to sing Kumbaya on the beach while stoned, are more important to the public. Every single one of those studies predicted revenues would go UP after we increased taxes, but every time they fell. It simply doesn't make sense - studies by prestigious universities are never wrong."

Brown said he would propose commissioning a study by a prestigious university to study the previous studies by prestigious universities.

New state treasurer and former theatrical producer Max Bialystock was particularly alarmed at the latest figures. "Our projections were for one trillion dollars in revenue this quarter and every penny of that has been allocated already: 100% for the teachers pensions, 100% for the state employees pensions, 100% for the governor's pension, etc, etc. Requiring one trillion dollars and collecting zero dollars puts us in a big hole - I don't have the exact figures in front of me but I'm sure it's a lot."

The totally unexpected shortfall has left state officials scrambling for answers. "We can't cut spending anymore because we've already cut to the bone" said Brown. "Any further cuts would bite into essential services, education or end up hurting the poorest of the poor and I won't have that."

"My office lavatories are stocking single-ply bathroom tissue as it is", Brown complained.

Treasurer Bialystock joked that he would consider calling some rich elderly women for dates and asked if anyone had Nancy Pelosi's number.

The state's three remaining Republicans once again proposed cancelling the yet-to-be-built high-speed rail project from Bakersfield to Fresno, a move they claimed would save the state billions. As in the past, this idea was immediately shot down from all corners as "too radical."

"Look", said Governor Brown, "we've already poured billions of dollars into the choo-choo and that money will be wasted if we don't build it. Besides, I've already promised a lot of friends free rides on the thing."

"Stupid ideas like that are the reason there are only 3 Republicans left in this state" said former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The governor did say he would consider tripling ticket prices on the line as a revenue-enhancement mechanism. Legislative leaders in Sacramento immediately went to work spending the anticpated new funds expected to be generated by the higher ticket prices when the line eventually starts running.

Meanwhile, the state once again finds itself with a fiscal crisis and very few options to deal with it. Brown has already made up his mind: "We have no choice but to raise taxes again. I saw a study by a prestigious university recently that said this state could easily support a 110% income tax rate. Sooner or later we'll hit the right number and be able to raise the revenue we need."

One reporter brought up the old adage, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

"No", replied Brown, "that's the definition of government."

Thank You Wash Examiner, Mr Bedard, and Opiate of the People

And PostScript: Just in from The Weekly Standard via Weaselzippers

Obama Has Delivered 699 Speeches Using a Teleprompter Since Taking Office

"World as it Should Be"

With a Teleprompter like a steel trap.
pic cred to peoplescube

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