Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Psychiatric Genetics Takes Another Hit "Unfulfilled Promise"

Mad In America has;
Human Behavioral Genetics "Unfulfilled Promise"

A review of the literature on behavioral genetics, published online today by Developmental Psychobiology, finds “powerful new methods have failed to reveal even one bona fide, replicable gene effect pertinent to the normal range of variation in intelligence and personality. There is no explanatory or predictive value in that genetic information … Genetically, the disorders are heterogeneous; different cases with the same diagnosis have different causes. The promises of the molecular genetic revolution have not been fulfilled in behavioral domains of most interest to human psychology.”

Thank You Mad In America

When are we going to stop Government from Funding this crap?

In all the years we've been looking for Behavioral Genes we've come up with, what?

And God help us if we ever Do come up with more than, What.

Because Somebody in Government, at some point, is going to pin the wrap onto Somebody else's defective genes, for the runaway Debt our current Vote Buyers in Government are creating right now. 

It doesn't take much to hunt out people who are genetic defectives. 

But even with This behavior, it's Still not genetic. Disgusting, yes, Genetic, no.

And even with This record of behavior, we're still heading back down that same road which Filled that mass grave.

As our national purse gets emptier and emptier, free money to fund Academia's varied pursuits is going to become more fiercely fought over. 

We can cut off the money, which we Do Not Have, now, . . . or we can wait until some crooked Academic genetics researcher cries "Eureka, I've Found it!" and some crooked Socialist in Government embraces them as a long lost brother, . . . . and the disposal of the true enemies of the Great Society, the Sub Humans, accelerates even further.

NIMH Violence Initiative: Junk Medicine In Jackboots 

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