Monday, May 7, 2012

Presidents & Medical Science: What's Retracted, What's Not has;
Team Obama is out with a new swing state ad touting President Obama's accomplishments during his first term. The problem? The ad fails to mention ObamaCare, President Obama's landmark legislation.
The Obama campaign is going on the air in nine battleground states this week with a new TV ad that focuses solely on the president’s record and the four accomplishments of which Democrats are most proud.

Considering support for ObamaCare is still extremely low, it isn't surprising they left it out.
Most voters still want to repeal President Obama’s national health care law, while belief that it will drive up health care costs is at its highest level in months.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 55% of Likely U.S. Voters at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care law, while 36% are at least somewhat opposed. This includes 46% who Strongly Favor repeal versus 28% who are Strongly Opposed to it.
If the Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare in June, you can bet the campaign will start using the legislation as a talking point, but until then, they're holding off.
On another note, jobs aren't being created and the economy is slowing, despite the ad claiming otherwise. More workers are throwing in the towel and have given up searching for a job.
Employers added an anemic 115,000 jobs in April as a shrinking workforce shaved the unemployment rate to 8.1 percent, down slightly from 8.2 percent in March, the government said Friday in a report that's sure to spark concerns about the economy's sluggish recovery.

What Happened? Obamacare was BFD according to Vice President Biden. Obamacare was Such a BFD that it needed a Snitch Line opened at the White House to identify 1st Amendment Violating Refuseniks who were spreading Fishy Rumors about it being a BFD.

And now it's Not being touted in a new Campaign Ad to re-elect the President?

Obamacare today. Will the Jobs Creation vanish from tomorrow's Ad?

Our point? Psychiatric 'Illnesses' are Political Illnesses, and the more Collectivist/Government Owned Medicine becomes, the more Politically Diseased everyone outside of the Medical Industry becomes. Government is subsidizing the creation and maintenance of Mind Diseases which are only curable, BY Public Employees in their Incurably DSM Insane, Co-Workers based on condition of Employment.

 California Diversion Programs.


 In San Francisco They're After EVERY CHILD

Now, AHRP has a Stellar Post on the explosion of Retractions in the Medical Literature of the last Decade.

Fraudulent Science: What's Retracted, What's Not 

And like Politics, once the Lies have been Established and Implemented it's a hundred times harder to clean up the damage they Continue to incur after the fact.

Thank You Townhall, Ms Pavlich, and AHRP

pic creds to thepeoplescube and the washpost

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