Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drugs Issued By Military Lead To Assaults, Murders

Here's the Toronto Star.

U.S Military's War With Drugs: Drugs Issued By Military Lead To Assaults, Murders, Doctors Say

And after your jaw quits bouncing at the pronouncements that we should "Stay The Course" with drugging our troops from, ..... ta-da, ..... the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association, ....... contrast it, and the violence it's causing with one of our favorite Dead Horses, ......the U.S. Veterans Administration admitting that the drugs have not yet produced a "Positive Outcome".

GAO Questions VA Cost Saving Methodology

But Psy-Kommand needs to keep selling the Drugs and Labels, ....... because they don't Have anything else to sell. How's about a quick Cost/Benefit analysis of what all of this chemically induced violence needs to perpetuate itself boiled down to just plain dollars and cents?

The GAO link has Whitaker's Disability numbers: 1 out 15 young adults are being Permanently disabled by Psych Drugs at a life time cost to the Other 14 of $1 Million to support #15 out of SSI/SSDI.

Each of those other 14 are being BILLED, by Both APA's, $71,428.57 apiece. ($1 Million divided by 14).

How about you send them a letter and demand that they either Cure something and Stop Defrauding Everyone, or refund you the $71,428.57 they're charging you?

And That's just the SSI/SSDI portion of the cost. The total Damages these Psychiatric/Psychological Parasites are sending you the BILL for is anybody's guess. 

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