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Just How Corrupt Has Science Become?

We've added a blog to our permalinks for you to ask precisely that question. Welcome, Retraction Watch.
1st up, an entry titled:

Astrophysics Retraction Trail Includes Paper That Plagiarized Another Already Retracted For, ..... Plagiarism. 

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could get this kind of Oversight at the FDA and get FDA to start Retracting some of those Brain Damaging Safe and Effective pronouncements and products, ....... which are So safe and Effective they can't even comply with Federal Racketeering Statutes?

But don't you miss a wink of sleep over it  because we have Top, people working on it, ....... Top, People.

And They would know if Anything is Corrupt and in need of retraction, ...... because they're Personal Friends of Al, "The Polar Ice Caps Are Melting So Hurry Up and Tank the Economy for MY Personal Mega-Enrichment", Gore.

Oh No, How could This have happened? More Illegal Human Experimentation? Don't we have Top People in Charge?

EPA Inspector General Asked to Investigate Illegal Human Experimentation (May 14) | Journal editor rejects Milloy request to retract false case report of EPA human experiment (May 8) | EPA denies Milloy charge of conducting unethical human experiments; Facts show otherwise (May 2) 

Top People, Personally appointed by Governor Grey out Davis himself?

California electricity deregulation crisis

Soon after taking office, Davis was able to fast-track the first power plant construction in twelve years in April 1999, although the plant did not come on line before the electricity crisis.
According to the subsequent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's investigation and report, numerous energy trading companies, many based in Texas, such as Enron Corporation, illegally restricted their supply to the point where the spikes in power usage would cause blackouts. Rolling blackouts affecting 97,000 customers hit the San Francisco Bay area on June 14, 2000, and San Diego Gas & Electric Company filed a complaint alleging market manipulation by some energy producers in August 2000.[47] On December 7, 2000, suffering from low supply and idled power plants, the California Independent System Operator (ISO), which manages the California power grid, declared the first statewide Stage 3 power alert, meaning power reserves were below 3 percent. Rolling blackouts were avoided when the state halted two large state and federal water pumps to conserve electricity.[47]

Windmill field outside Palm Springs. Hot temperatures were thought to be pushing California to rolling blackouts, though it was later discovered that market manipulation was the cause.
On January 17, 2001, Davis declared a state of emergency in response to the electricity crisis. Speculators, led by Enron Corporation, were collectively making large profits while the state teetered on the edge for weeks, and finally suffered rolling blackouts on January 17 and 18.[47] Davis stepped in to buy power at highly unfavorable terms on the open market, since the California power companies were technically bankrupt and had no buying power. California agreed to pay $43 billion for power over the next 20 years.[47] Newspaper publishers sued Davis to force him to make public the details of the energy deal.[48]
During the electricity crisis, the Davis administration implemented a power conservation program that included television ads and financial incentives to reduce energy consumption. These efforts, the fear of rolling blackouts, and the increased cost of electricity resulted in a 14.1% reduction in electricity usage from June 2000 to June 2001.[47]
Gray Davis critics often charge that he did not respond properly to the crisis, while his defenders attribute the crisis solely to thecorporate accounting scandals and say that Davis did all he could. Some critics on the left, such as Arianna Huffington, alleged that Davis was lulled to inaction by campaign contributions from energy producers.[49] Some of Davis's energy advisers were formerly employed by the same energy speculators who made millions from the crisis. In addition, the Democrat-controlled legislature would sometimes push Davis to act decisively by taking over power plants which were known to have been gamed and place them back under control of the utilities. Some conservatives argued that Davis signed overpriced energy contracts, employed incompetent negotiators, and refused to allow prices to rise for residences statewide much like they did in San Diego, which they argue could have given Davis more leverage against the energy traders and encouraged more conservation.[50] The electricity crisis is considered one of the major factors that lead to Davis's recall.

Top, ...... People.

Oh Well, Looks like those Retractions actually Do happen, at the Point where an entire State suffers Rolling Grey Outs.

Do we have to Wait until an Entire State gets Diagnosed, Poisoned, Crippled and Killed, ....... (it's Already/Still in the same Grey Out economic crapper) at the behest of Top, People, ....... before these Drugs and Diagnosers get Retracted?

In San Francisco They're After EVERY Child

Because EVERY Child, ...... needs to learns how to Think and Behave more like the Top, People who Diagnosed the pressing Need EVERY Child has for 'Mental Health' Services. ..... You know, ..... how to LIE, and Break the Law in order to put EVERYONE Else's Money into their pockets, ....... .


Behavioral Science that Medicare/Medicaid can't even Legally reimburse for because it's the Political Nonsense of Hegel, and Marx being recycled by a woman possessed of not 1 but 2, INCURABLE MENTAL DEFECTS: Borderline Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia. (at least according to Mental Health's own rules she's Incompetent).

Top, People.

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