Friday, May 25, 2012

Grassley, Kohl, & Blumenthal Push For Off Label Antipsychotic Informed Consent in Nursing Homes

The Boston Globe has;

Senators Push For Informed Consent Before Nursing Homes Use Antipsychotic Drugs

Roughly 185,000 Seniors in Nursing Homes got Antipsychotic Drugs in 2010 contrary to Fed Regulators recommendations. Senators Grassley, Kohl, and Blumenthal want informed consent to become the practice, not just the recommendation.

Good Luck. This industry does now, and always has, as it damn well pleases.

Overriding Mental Health Treatment Refusals: How Much Process Is "Due"?

Does this mean that if Informed Consent for Off Label poisonings actually has another REGULATION attached to it the Symptom Bashers will actually comply with yet Another Big Bad Regulation?

Can anyone seriously believe that this Regulation, IF it gets tacked on and the Bill passes, is going to have a Single One of these Quacks obtaining Informed Consent that includes that silly little thing about State Police Registration owing to the Homicide Factor/Racketeering Violation?

While this effort IS commendable, the thought of Informed Consent with these drugs is a joke, and it's no wonder that the Industry views Constitutional "Keep Your Hands Off. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts," guarantees, Racketeering Statutes, and Federal Civil Rights Statutes as a mere inconvenience, ..... .

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