Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FDA Threatens Pharma Execs With 'Park' Rat Bite:

Fierce Healthcare has;

May 31, 2011 — 12:05pm ET | By Karen Cheung

"To the dismay of the corporate C-suite, federal enforcers are tackling healthcare fraud by targeting the top executives of healthcare enterprises, nursing homes, drug companies and medical device manufactures.

To prevent repeat offenses, the federal government, including the Food and Drug Administration and the Justice Department, is laying down the law and increasing penalties. In addition to the standard fines normally associated with settling fraud, corporate executives are facing criminal charges and exclusions from government health programs, according to theAssociated Press.

"When you look at the history of healthcare enforcement, we've seen a number of Fortune 500 companies that have been caught not once, not twice, but sometimes three times violating the trust of the American people, submitting false claims, paying kickbacks to doctors, marketing drugs which have not been tested for safety and efficacy," said Lewis Morris, chief counsel for the inspector general of the Health and Human Services Department.

The idea of targeting select individuals for wrongs committed by an organization is based on the Park Doctrine, a 1975 Supreme Court ruling in which a company president was held accountable for corporate noncompliance.

Medicare fraud costs taxpayers $60 billion each year, according to the AP.

To learn more:
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Thank You Fierce Healthcare and Ms Cheung

The Park/Rat connection is available at the ModernMedicine story link which Ms Cheung has provided. By all means, go read it.

Our mood remains one of Extremely guarded optimism. When and IF the OIG, DOJ etc. actually drags Pharma Execs off in handcuffs for a 100 year stay at the Madoff Arms, we'll gladly salute Commissioner Hamberg's FDA for a job - finally - well done.

In the Meantime, ..... it was the FDA which approved and released this pestilence of "Direct Effects" upon the American people to begin with, ...... under the spurious auspices of 'Symptom Control', ..... for Non Medical, Political Brain Washings, ....... caused by Disorders which still can't be found in a real medical laboratory beyond the Movie Hut at the Esalen Institute, ...... by a Culturally Competent Illuminati who turned not merely a Textbook, but 2 Brick & Mortar Hospital buildings and their entire Staffs into Ghosts at SF City Hall in 2007.

This recent announcement of Park Doctrine Intent remains, so far, an announcement. Let's see what actually materializes from our FDA whose 'Safe & Effective' has so far brought us:

Update: on June 6, 2011, we learned what we Knew was coming anyway, ...... that Some Individuals are simply Too Big To Be Prosecuted, ..... and as we Suspected, the whole FDA tough talk turned out to be nothing more than Smoke, Mirrors, & a Statue of Liberty play.

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