Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brain Washers Ignore Heart Attacks They Induce

Science Direct has;

In a new meta study of 22 previous studies involving 825,754 patients researchers from the University of Leicester and Curtain Health Research Institute in Australia, the authors concluded that people slimed with a Severe Psychiatric 'Diagnosis' were 14% Less likely to receive essential coronary care procedures following their Heart Attack.

The article concludes with the standard squawk that they "urgently need to know" (IE: Send More Money) whether the patients are declining treatment or whether 'clinicians' simply aren't Selling enough of Themselves.

And Where, are these Heart Attacks coming from to begin with?

And the argument returns, full circle, to money.

Both we Americans and our British Cousins are stumbling blindly down the road to complete and utter Ruin under the aegis of Government redistributed 'Compassion', ...... BETTER Known as Socialism: which Has Never, and Can Never, produce Anything but filled graves by the millions. "Monetary Policy" as peddled by Our Federal Reserve & the UK Government printing presses eating the UK are the root of the rot, and the Tax and Waste to Buy Votes crowds infesting Both of our Governments need to be reminded - Continually & Publicly - that their High Priest of Economic Voodoo was the Director of the British Eugenics Society through most of WWII.

First Steal them Blind, then concoct some LIE that it was their defective genetics that Caused them to be poor, and finally, sterilize or kill them out of the gene pool to Wallpaper Over the Economic Mess that Their redistributing of other people's labor Created, to begin with.

Whose paying these 'Researchers' to pose the question of where the actual Blame for these atrocities needs to be correctly affixed?

"Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it."
-- Thomas Sowell

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