Monday, June 27, 2011

Irish Lawyers Threaten Blogger Mom

Once Again, Psychiatry gets called, and gets its Junk Science ruffled into Threatening the Victim's surviving family.

No Science
No Cures

But do they Ever have Lawyers.


Irish lawyers, Brophy Solicitors, have sent a threatening letter to Leonie Fennell, the mother of Shane Clancy, who writes about her son's death and offers opinion as to why he died.

Shane was just 22 when he killed a young man before turning the knife on himself. The subsequent inquest found an open verdict, large traces of the SSRi antidepressant citalopram [Cipramil UK, Celexa US] were found in his system.

[Ed: Here's what the US FDA knew about Celexa as of December 2006]

"Top 20 Celexa side effects reported to MedWatch between Jan. 2004 and Dec. 2006:

Completed Suicide - 232 cases
Drug Interaction -116 cases
Depression - 94 cases
Hyponatraemia - 80 cases
Nausea - 77 cases
Overdose - 76 cases
Drug Toxicity - 74 cases
Confusional State - 72 cases
Anxiety - 70 cases
Suicidal Ideation - 69 cases
Condition Aggravated - 63 cases
Multiple Drug Overdose - 63 cases
Tremor - 63 cases
Dizziness - 61 cases
Fall - 61 cases
Vomiting - 58 cases
Serotonin Syndrome - 57 cases
Headache - 55 cases
Agitation - 53 cases
Convulsion - 51 cases

Does anyone Else also find the level of hubris from these solicitors veering off into the Outer Limits, ...... with Completed Suicide being the Known, most frequent adverse reaction?]


Irish psychiatrist Patricia Casey was present at the inquest representing and observing for Psychiatry Ireland and to ask questions if the need arose. Casey has come under fire from Fennell on a number of occasions, in particular her relationship with the pharmaceutical industry and fees, grants etc that she has received from them.

Casey was at Shane’s inquest and took issue with some aspects of it, according to Leonie, Casey has publicly stated that there is no evidence to suggest that antidepressants can cause suicide or homicide and she is also a member of psychiatry Ireland and has worked in association with Lundbeck, the manufacturers of citalopram.

The threatening letter from Brophy Solicitors carries an odd disclaimer at the footer, this, more than the threatening content, rather intrigued me.

The information contained in this message may be privileged and confidential and protected from disclosure. If the reader of this messages is not the intended recipient, or an employee or agent responsible for delivering this message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by replying to message and deleting it from your computer.

I just love the use of the word 'may' here. It either is...or it isn't. It appears Brophy Solicitors are trying to stop Leonie Fennell from posting the letter or passing it on to third parties. Quite what disclosure they refer to is baffling as no court proceedings are in place to my knowledge.

What lands in my inbox becomes my property and I can do with it what I wish to do. I certainly wouldn't pay any attention by a law firm who represent a psychiatrist!

The content of the letter appears to be telling...not asking...Leonie to remove certain segments of a post she wrote about Patricia Casey.

Our client has instructed us in relation to comments appearing on your internet blog in which you repeat a statement that another lady made to you that “Patricia Casey ruined my son’s life”.

You also publish a letter on your blog to the Irish Medicines Board on 16th March 2011. As part of this letter you say “... as Patricia Casey has a long and I am sure lucrative association with Lundbeck ... you can take from that anything you want to”.

So, let's just get this straight. A blogger uses a quote from another person and then writes an
opinion about Casey's association with Lundbeck. For that she is sent a threatening letter because Casey didn't like it?

Boo hoo.

I imagine writers across the blogsphere are shitting themselves!

I find it comical that a psychiatrist such as Casey wishes to suppress
opinion, particularly when the whole field of psychiatry is based on opinion. The mere fact that Casey hands out antidepressants to children is based on opinion...unless of course Casey can provide evidence that shows her patients have a mental disorder? Blood tests, urine samples will suffice. Incidentally, SSRi antidepressants are not recommended for children in Ireland but they can be prescribed 'off-label' - in other words, if the doctor or psychiatrist are of the opinion that a child will benefit from them then they will prescribe them.

Leonie Fennell is right to question a psychiatrist who has links to the manufacturer of the drug that, she believes, killed her son. If she didn't question then what sort of mother would she be?

Brophy solicitors are making assumptions as far as I can ascertain.

"The implication in this second comment is that our client either knows or ought to know of what you describe in your blog as the potentially fatal side effects of certain antidepressants, and yet continues to prescribe these anti-depressants."

First off, it is Brophy Solicitors that have drawn that conclusion. If they feel that antidepressants do not pose a fatal reaction to young people then they are going against what medicine regulators around the world claim. The fact that their client, Patricia Casey, prescribes them should be in question, particularly when they are not recommended for Casey's younger patients. Visit the MHRA website
HERE - I'll leave it to Brophy Solicitors to work their way around that particular labyrinth to find what they are looking for.

"The very clear implication here is that our client receives payments from drug companies and is quite happy to prescribe anti-depressants to individuals who should not take these drugs and who would be placed in danger if they did take these drugs."

Brophy Solicitors really need to do their homework. Children and adolescents
ARE placed in danger when prescribed these drugs. It is on Casey's own behest [her opinion] that despite not being recommended she continues to prescribe after weighing up the risks versus benefits.

"The first comment – that our client ‘ruined’ someone’s life is even more serious and while it is entirely untrue and without foundation, it is clearly extremely damaging to our client."

This is a particular sticky issue and, as I understand, Leonie Fennell, has now removed that comment. It kind of runs against those programs you see such as Crimewatch where the victim is silhouetted and their voices are changed. They do so for protection. Fennell claims the woman who made that statement feared repercussions from Casey, hence the reason for leaving her name out.

Are Brophy Solicitors going to send out letters to all bloggers who have
opinions about their client or who question their client's ties to the industry?

Leonie Fennell lost her son because he was prescribed an antidepressant on the
opinion of a doctor. No blood samples were taken, no urine samples were taken, no MRI scan, PET scan or X-rays. It was the opinion of Shane's doctor that citalopram would help lift the blues he was feeling. Sadly it didn't and Shane took his own life. If these drugs worked then there would be no suicides. If they were so safe then regulators around the world would not have imposed restrictions on them...restrictions that Casey appears to ignore because she has her ownopinions on these types of drugs.

Leonie has published the threatening letter in full and added her own
opinion HERE

If either Casey or indeed Brophy Solicitors wish to debate the ethics of giving children and adolescents drugs that are not recommended for children and adolescents then I'm all ears. Feel free to leave a comment beneath this post. If the benefits outweigh the potential risks then please feel free to send me a detailed list of those benefits.

For the record I take umbrage to Casey making the following statement on the
Irish Health Website:

“Around 50% of people do not have a trigger or risk factors for depressive illness”, she said. “The outcome for those who get treatment is very good. It is also important to be aware too that antidepressants are not addictive”.

Coincidental that Casey sings from the same hymn sheet as the manufacturers of antidepressants?

Perhaps Casey would like to tell the
10,000 or so paroxetine users that what they are experiencing is not addiction?

Maybe she should confront the 20,000+ Prozac sufferers who have
posted online regarding Prozac's addictive qualities?

Or she could oppose the near 24,000 who have
expressed their views regarding the SNRi Effexor online?

I could go on but then again I'm of the opinion that psychiatrists who don't speak out against psychiatric drugs have irrational and delusional traits - Just an
opinion of mine I happen to hold.

Here's a classic reason why:

“Fidgeting and foot movements (known in our research setting as ‘Wender’s sign’) are very common signs of hyperactivity in adult ADHD patients – so much so that such patients can usually be diagnosed in the waiting room by a knowledgeable receptionist.” - Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine, Paul Wender [Paul H. Wender, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults, Oxford University Press, New York, 1995, p. 20]

Professionalism at its very best.

In the meantime, stick in your headphones and listen to the mother of Shane Clancy pour her heart out in a recent podcast she did with me

Am I sticking up for Leonie Fennell because she did an interview with me? Nup, I'd stick up for any parent who was having their voices stifled by lawyers who have not done their homework with regard to the way their client's prescribe drugs to a generation, despite those drugs not being recommend by world-wide medicines regulators.

All of the above is my
opinion, I'm sure many other bloggers will offer theirs over the course of the next week or so. I'm of the opinion that Casey has brought some rather unwanted attention on herself by using Solicitors to try and suppress the voice of a grieving mother.

Some bedtime reading for Brophy Solicitors - - Your opinion and Casey's too, on the stories featured, would be greatly appreciated, there's over 4,500 of them! If you disagree with the 4,500+ stories, I won't be sending you a threatening letter, it is, after all, just your opinion, however wrong you may be.

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Now, ..... Whitaker's podcast is, ..... well, It is what it is, ..... BUT, he lost us at 14:38 where he says "And I'm not saying that nobody benefits from antipsychotics, ...... " We happen to respect Mr. Whitaker and would like to commend him for the terrific work he's done, ........ HOWEVER:

In California antipsychotics come with State Police Registration, ...... because they CAUSE, ...... VIOLENT HOMICIDES.

If someone can explain to us How in the Hell selling HOMICIDE & SUICIDE constitutes Healthcare, we Have a Comment Box, ..... and Nobody's ever tried, Not Once, in the over 3 years we've been online. Nor do we Expect them to.


Stephany said...


D Bunker said...

"Casey has publicly stated that there is no evidence to suggest that antidepressants can cause suicide or homicide"

Right, when in just 36 months, the #1 most often reported Celexa Adverse Reaction to the FDA Med Watch system was Suicide, ..... REPORTED TO THEM 232 TIMES!!!

But there's no evidence, right along with
Psychiatry's No Science/No Cures.

These people are

1: Too Stupid to be Doctors

2: Liars

3: Both

Truthman30 said...

Oh, they are far from stupid..
They are amongst the most cunning..
They know exactly what they are doing..

D Bunker said...

We have GOT to get the US Department of Defense in touch with This guy.

If They could micro-chip his mastery of Evasion we’d save Trillions of dollars every year. Just think of what a single f-16 could accomplish with a Greg Baxter module on board. Surface to Air Missiles? Flak Barrages? Enemy small arms fire? They’d never Touch our Greg Baxter equipped F-16, or B-2.

Hell, all we’d really need is 1 infantryman with a slingshot. Nobody could lay a glove on him in a Baxter Evasion suit.

Except, ...... that they keep leaving all these Conflicting versions of the Truth lying around where anyone who wants to Find them, can and Does find them, non-stop.