Friday, June 10, 2011

SC Judge Calls J&J's Actions "Detestable" So Pay, $327 Million

Pharmalot has;

We'd like to do our own send up here but Justice Crouch in South Carolina using the word 'Detestable' before Ordering J&J to ante up $327 Million, ..... Oh Well.

Just go read Mr. Silverman's write up, and if you're too busy right now, at least download Justice Crouch's pdf/Order for later. Fascinating Stuff Indeed!

Now, ..... while we find the Good Judge's initial:

"it is acknowledged by all concerned that Risperdal is an excellent drug for the treatment of mental illnesses."

Way beyond tough to swallow, once he gets beyond That, we think you'll enjoy him too.

"this Court finds the actions of the Defendants, upon this audience, to be detestable."

"Annual Sales of Risperdal worldwide per annual reports of Johnson & Johnson, Inc.
1994: $0.172 Billion
1995: $0.343 Billion
1996: $0.502 Billion
1998: $0.588 Billion
1999: $0.892 Billion
2000: $1.083 Billion
2001: $1.845 Billion
2002: $2.146 Billion
2003: $2.512 Billion
2004: $3.05 Billion
2005: $3.552 Billion
2006: $4.180 Billion
2007: $4.697 Billion
2008: $1.309 Billion
2009: $1.425 Billion
2010: $1.50 Billion

Total for the period: $29.796 Billion

Testimony at trial indicated that the profit margin for sales of Risperdal was 97% or $28.90 Billion for the period of 1994-2010"

Judy Garland's Ruby Slippers, and an idiot who drove 500 miles to see his brother, ...... On A LAWNMOWER, ...... because he was too stupid to scrape up a bus ticket.


Has a nice ring to it.

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