Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Mental Health Treatment" = You're 20 TIMES More Likely To Die

We've done this before. We'll do it again.

The 'Diagnosis' of "Mental Illness" remains a Political rather than Biologically Science based pursuit. Psychiatry's Bio-Science (which it's still peddling with a vengeance) is a FRAUD. Genetics, Chemical Imbalances & Brain Scans are all coming up Empty.

IF, ..... you submit to the FRAUD of Psychoanalysis you will be Paperworked into ever more severe underlying psychopathologies (which still don't Exist in an actual laboratory) due to the combined Analyst's need to get Paid, and the Behavioral Toxicity of the Drugs. And you Will be quacked into a Bipolar/Schizophrenic/Mood Disordered drooling wreck, ...... so that Francis & Dave & the rest of their Illuminati can keep reviewing movies.

The dreaded Schizophrenia itself, did not even exist until the Word itself was coined a century ago by Bleuler, who got suckered in Seances and performed his investigations of the heritability/genetics of behaviors in Saint Bernards. And Wiki's got him down for being a synesthete to boot, with his Own mis-wired brain.

"Bleuler is also recognized today for having a neurological condition called synesthesia, in which information from the sensory systems crosses over with the result that an individual experiences one sensation as another – tasting colours, hearing numbers or seeing music, for example."
Psychiatry today can't even make up its own mind as to what constitutes its 'Illnesses'.

Its Bio-Based Treatments/Brain Bashings Will put you in an early grave: if not immediately then by taking 25 years off your life if you Stay on the drugs.

Its Schizophrenia drugs destroy Brain Tissue.

So, with that in mind, here's a reminder from 2006, ..... 5 YEARS AGO.

AHRP has;

Comparison of Suicide Rates In TReated Schizophrenia Patients Found 20-Fold Increase

2006, and virtually Nothing has been done in terms of even instituting any type of Oversight over the American Psychiatric Association, much less getting rid of it, or its partners in drug company Store Front, like NAMI.

NAMI 81% Owned By The Chemical Cartels Who've Foisted The Fraud Of Psychiatry Upon You To Begin With

And those Chemical Makers who Own NAMI and the APA? Johnson & Johnson is at it again: recalling defective product:

Pharmalot has;

Another Johnson & Johnson Recall: 70,000 Syringes

full of Invega Sustenna Injectable Antipsychotic

And so, with apologies to our regular readers because we so love recalling this FACT: Even the publishers of Psychiatry's "Research Must Continue" - who are making a Handsome Profit Publishing that, ... ahhhm, ... "Research", ..... are calling Psychiatry on its, ..... "Research".

Medical Publishing Company Calls Bullshit

American Medicine has already been over run by the Political, junk science 'Behaviorists'. If you think this doesn't directly affect you, because You're not one of Their 1 in 5 who are suffering from an Incurable Mental Illness, ..... you need a refresher, ..... because it didn't directly affect (most of) the German people of 80 years ago either.

The Men Behind Hitler 4: The Secret Seizure Of Power


Ronny said...

Great post, thanks. Though really, are we really 20 times more likely to die? Haha,

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D Bunker said...

Read Robert Whitaker's short pdf "Anatomy Of An Epidemic". It's linked on the top right of the page.

Yes, the number IS, 20 Times, ..... in trade for NO Science, and No Cures, .... ever.