Monday, June 20, 2011

J&J Recalls 40K Bottles Of Risperdal: "It Stinks!"

InPharm has;

Smelly Risperdal Adds To J&J's Recall Tally

"Johnson & Johnson continues to be plagued by product recalls, with the latest involving two lots of its schizophrenia drug Risperdal (risperidone) distributed in the US and Puerto Rico.

Once again the recall has been called because of consumer reports of an "uncharacteristic odour" that is thought to be caused by trace amounts of TBA (2,4,6 tribromoanisole), a by-product of a chemical preservative sometimes applied to wood used in the construction of pallets on which materials are transported and stored.

J&J is initiating a voluntary recall of one lot of brand name Risperdal 3mg Tablets, involving a total of around 16,000 bottles, as well as 24,000 bottles of a generic risperidone product manufactured by the company's generic drugs unit Patriot Pharmaceuticals."

Risperdal's been on the market for over 16 years. It doesn't even Pretend to cure Anything. It grossed just short of $30 Billion Dollars for J&J. 97% of that was Profit. The people Peddling it will NOT tell the consumer what Risperdal actually is because they Can't. If they Did, Nobody would Dream of poisoning themselves or their family with it.

In just 36 Months, according to the FDA, Risperdal Killed 308 American consumers. The Global death toll on this obscenely expensive Brain Eater is Anybody's guess.

We'd Like to ask just What the FDA thought it was Doing when it released this drug on an unsuspecting American people, but we already know what they were thinking.

Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) > PDUFA User Fee Rates Archive

So now we have J&J recalling 16,000 bottles & 24,000 bottles of a generic risperidone product that they produce, because it stinks. And it's Been stinking for 16 years. Here's what it stank of for just 36 months, in America.

Risperdal's top 20 side effects reported to MedWatch between Jan. 2004 and Dec. 2006:

Death - 308 Cases
Diabetes Mellitus - 176 Cases
Drug Interaction - 176 Cases
Increased Weight - 138 Cases
Leukopenia - 124 Cases
Fall - 123 Cases
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome - 116 Cases
Extrapyramidal Disorder - 109 Cases
Tardive Dyskinesia - 104 Cases
Cerebrovascular Accident - 102 Cases
Convulsion - 99 Cases
Somnolence - 98 Cases
Aggression - 99 Cases
Tremor - 93 Cases
Neutropenia - 91 Cases
Rhabdomyolysis - 88 Cases
Condition Aggravated - 86 Cases
Creatine Phosphokinase Increased - 85 Cases
Psychotic Disorder - 82 Cases
Pneumonia - 82 Cases

J&J''s Janssen Unit - responsible for this drug - has been carping, in Texas, about their Ethical Business Practices in the face of a Billion Dollar lawsuit filed against them by the Texas State Attorney General's Office.

And Pharmalot tells us;

J&J Risperdal Project 'Subverted Scientific Integrity'

16 Years and our VA admits they haven't yet achieved a Single positive Outcome with Risperdal or any Other Psychiatric drug, ....... but Psychiatrists Suspect that a larger sample size/patient population will yield them the continuing Cover Story to save them All from having to get a Real job and actually Contribute anything to society, ...... rather than continuing to cripple, kill, and Bill it based on their opinions.

Patriot Pharmaceuticals: Generic Risperdal.

That's one Hell of a way to define Patriotism.

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