Monday, March 14, 2011

Risperdal On Trial In Texas For A Billion Dollars

Pharmalot has;

Lawsuit Over J&J Risperdal Marketing Can Proceed
"A Texas state court has ruled that a trial can proceed against Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen unit for allegedly using false advertising and improper influence - such as grants, trips and other perks - to ensure its Risperdal antipsychotic was placed on the mandatory protocol for the Texas Medication Algorithm Project, a state system protocol for treating psychiatric disorders.

The original lawsuit was filed in 2004, .....
Read the Texas AG's Third Amended petition.

The allegations contained therein are Quite an education all in themselves as to the business of selling psychiatric thought bashers.

J&J's Janssen had this to say;
“Janssen is prepared to vigorously defend itself against these claims. We are committed to ethical business practices, and have policies in place to ensure that our products are only promoted for their FDA-approved indication.”
Are Janssen's "ethical business practices" This Years model, or are they the same "Ethicals" they were practicing in 2004? Because if they're the Same "Ethicals" from 2004, ..... Why didn't Janssen just go to trial in 2004 and prove to a jury that their "Ethicals" trumped Mr. Jones and the AG's allegations, .... instead of spending 6 to 7 Years trying to keep it out of court?

2004, and the quacks peddling the stuff at consultation cubicle level, ..... had No trouble at all continuing to peddle it.

Back in 2009 we did a little digging into the TMAP crowd.

Here's some essentials from

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