Saturday, March 19, 2011

Drug Commercials: Quack In Hi Def.

RN has;

Here's a few samples of the stupid that drags itself nightly right before your very eyes, in High Def, .....

The worst of it is that it's All right there in plain view, and America isn't hopping mad demanding that it Cease and these Noxious Quack Remedies be dragged off the market.

Thanks and a Hat Tip to Hooked, Ethics, Medicine And Pharma

"Dear Sir (or Madam):--I try every remedy sent to me. I am now on No. 67. Yours is 2,653. I am looking forward to its beneficial results.

- quoted in My Father Mark Twain, by Clara Clemens"


yobluemama said...

I personally do not get how sheeple don't see what is right in front of them--even in Hi-Def!

D Bunker said...

They've Already been conditioned to zoning out by the program material itself. The Biggest Loser?

Entertainment Tonight? MTV style edits of H'wood trash in $10,000 gowns now constitutes "In Depth Coverage".

Make no mistake. It's intentional because we couldn't be sheared and micromanaged without it.

For Chrissakes we're Still funding the inheritance of Mengele: Twin Studies.