Tuesday, March 22, 2011

South Carolina Sues J&J/Risperdal For $360 Million

J&J and their Risperdal just can't seem to keep out of Court.

Bloomberg has:

"Johnson & Johnson executives deceived South Carolina doctors about the safety of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal, and the drugmaker should be held liable for that deception, a lawyer said.

J&J made misleading claims about Risperdal’s health risks and effectiveness in a letter to more than 7,000 South Carolina doctors and that violated consumer protection laws, John Simmons, a lawyer for the state, said in closing arguments of the trial of a lawsuit seeking at least $360 million in penalties.

The drugmaker, based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, used “unfair and deceptive acts” in a marketing campaign designed to dupe doctors into signing off on Risperdal for mental-health patients, Simmons told jurors today.

The state’s case centers on drug-safety claims that J&J and its Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals unit made in November 2003 correspondence to 700,000 doctors across the U.S., including 7,200 in South Carolina. The U.S. Food and Drug Administrationresponded with a warning letter saying J&J made false and misleading claims that minimized the potentially fatal risks of diabetes and overstated the drug’s superiority to those from competitors.

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Pharmalot has back story galore

And Fierce Pharma offers at least $29 Million possible explanations.

"Well, if you'd just collected almost $29 million in compensation and won heaps of praise from your board of directors, would you want to exit stage left?"

The juiciest part of this Risperdal Implosion - to us - is that Psychiatrists, Excuse Us, Illuminati, who are SO Brilliant, that without any actual Bio-Science beyond their reviews of the Wizard Of Oz, can infallibly diagnose incurable disorders/diseases which only They can treat, ..... oops, excuse us, Symptom Control/Chemically Lobotomize, .....while simultaneously Losing 2 Psychiatric Hospitals and their staffs, SFMHB 06/13/2007 ..... never saw it coming, ..... as their University was sitting on $12 Million Dollars of RWJF/J&J/Risperdal Grant Monies.

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