Thursday, March 3, 2011

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Continue

There's Too much to post them individually. So dig in, and if Your family has been adversely affected by this behemoth, ..... . The question has been asked "Why haven't CEO Bill Weldon & the Board of Directors been recalled?" At the current rate, they might just finish off J&J all on their own.

The WSJ Health Blog has;

And of course, the undisputed Master of Pharma Reporting:

Ed Silverman's Pharmalot has;

"J&J failed 48% of 161 [FDA] inspections"

Ed; since the original paper carrying Pharmalot dropped it, here's a site that re posted it:

And those are only the reports going back for the last 3 Weeks.

IF, you've read Allen Jones Full Whistle Blower Report, you'd know that:

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen needed a mouthpiece.

Enter TMAP

TMAP began in 1995 as an alliance of individuals from within the pharmaceutical industry and the Texas state university,mental health and corrections systems. Start-upfunds included a 1.7 million dollar grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; a Johnson & Johnson related foundation. Johnson & Johnson owns the pharmaceutical companies Janssen Pharmaceutica and Janssen/OrthoMcNeil. (According to the non-profit group Texans for Public Justice,

Robert Wood Johnson IV, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, raised over $100,000 for George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign. Johnson has raised over $200,000 for Bush’s 2004 campaign.)

The group’s goal was to develop a model mental health treatment program for incorporation into public mental health and prison systems. This model program would ensure that newer, expensive medications would be heavily used.

But the drug industry had a problem: Clinical trials simply did not favor their new products.

Alternative justification for favoring these drugs would have to be developed.

“Expert Consensus Guidelines”

This consortium sought to “legitimize” the medications recommended in the model program’s “drug menus”. The group elected to utilize “Expert Consensus Guidelines”, rather than clinical studies or drug trials to form these recommendations.

Essentially, TMAP opted to “establish” new drugs as the best drugs for various illnesses by surveying the opinions of doctors and psychiatrists of TMAP’s own choosing. No hard science, no patients, no study review, and no clinical trials– just the “Expert Opinions” of persons TMAP elected to survey.

The “Expert Consensus” process became TMAP’s standard mechanism for creating the appearance of superiority for certain drugs and it was employed repeatedly from 1996 to 2003.

The doctors who were surveyed included persons who had already published articles favoring the new drugs. The survey included doctors with strong ties to the drug industry.

And as we've noted, the Largest Chain of Hospitals in the World, ADMITS, that no matter How these junk, psychiatric drugs (all of them) - which don't even Pretend that they're going to permanently cure anything - are combined - New Drugs & Old Drugs - No Positive Outcome Has Been Observed.

For the best "Plain English" explanation of TMAP's 100% Incompetent, FAILED spinoffs, the Bonkers Institute has;

Until a microscope, MRI etc. actually identifies an Actual Illness, we will be Continuing to bash Political rather than Medical 'Symptoms', .... and the Laws are already quite clear on that heading: Pharmaceutical Profits notwithstanding, .... .

FRAUD in Any endeavor where Anything of Value changes hands, is a Crime, ..... and the tired old saw of the Doctors not being Intelligent enough to Know they're being Bullshitted by the Drug Companies has run its course. See the last AIMS form. It's from 1976.

And understand that out of 1,935 Distinct Adverse Reactions to J&J's Risperdal, the Reason for those AIMS forms - Tardive Dyskinesia - was the 9th most often reported Adverse Reaction.

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