Thursday, October 14, 2010

German Study On Reboxetine; “That Dog Just Won’t Hunt!”

Bloomberg has;

Pfizer’s Antidepressant Reboxetine Doesn’t Quell Illness, Analysis Finds

Which is Because; You 1st have to Have an actual Illness before you can Quell it.

"Pfizer/Pharmacia’s Antidepressant Reboxetine wouldn’t pass muster with the US FDA in 2001, but it made it onto the European Market as Reboxetine, Edronax, Norebox, Davedax and Vestra.

A new study by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care found that published studies overestimated reboxetine’s benefit by 115 percent when compared to a dummy pill and 23 percent compared with other antidepressants, according to a report today in the British Medical Journal.

The analysis looked at 13 studies of reboxetine involving 4,098 patients. Data on almost three-quarters of those patients had never been published, the study said.

“the researchers called reboxetine “an ineffective and potentially harmful antidepressant.”

We’re Shocked, I tell you. Shocked and Amazed. Simply Shocked!

Show us Any Psychiatric Drug which Isn’t “ineffective and potentially harmful.”

In This pdf from the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency In Healthcare we kept finding Reboxetine kept falling down on the job when compared to Paroxetine/Paxil/Seroxat/Aropax.

Now There's a Helluva recommendation if Ever there was.

FiercePharma has more on the Reboxetine flap.

And on Markets Outside the US:

CCHR has a new PDF with a bunch of Psychiatric Drug Side Effects. And it’s got lots of Names that those Chemicals are sold under around the world, ….. so you can cross reference What the stuff is called in Your Country, and with 23 of the newer drugs use our FDA Reported Adverse Reaction Section to find out exactly what your own Pharmaceutical Snake Oil Peddler in New Zealand or Estonia is actually Inflicting on you.

This CCHR PDF has Side Effect Info on that Kidney Eater, Lithium: which we’ll repost Separately so the Search Engines can Find It for folks Looking for Lithium info.

The Hat Tip for the CCHR PDF goes to:


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