Monday, October 4, 2010

Twin Studies & PTSD: Junk Research Continues

Reuters has;

Human Emotions are NOT a product of genetic pre dispositions. Down that road lies Eugenics. We have Already traveled it, and we're Long overdue to get Off of it. Just as there Is NO Schizophrenia gene, there is NO PTSD gene, but we have $igh-entists 'Investigating' Human Twins as Very well paid, public funded make work.

'Mental Health': It Never runs out of specious excuses to Pay itself.

"But if we can Save just One Person!" We've Heard that one already.

"American taxpayers lose $100 billion in waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid each year,” Dr. Coburn said. “Congress and the Administration must do a better job of working to staunch this flow of taxpayer dollars that goes to crooks instead of providing care.”

“The current system was designed to be defrauded,” Coburn said. “Organized crime rings and gangs are bilking billions of taxpayer dollars from Medicare each year because it is so easy to defraud the system."

It's time to cut off the money for Junk Research into Non Diseases.


muzuzuzus said...

Just a few days ago all over UK's BBC news was that a new scientific 'study' has discovered that 'ADHD' is caused by genes!!
The BBC breakfast news really pushed this. Only for a few seconds did they have a recorded film of some professional dude who said he wasn't really that convinced.
Then they have these 'plain fols' on the couch (it gets better)---She is this portly homely middle aged mum and with her is her son who is young and black---Ie., they are covering all their possible markets. And shs claims that now she is on drugs it is great, and later boy says same. The woman had a small stuffed donkey in her hands, and she'd been given it by the previous guest who was in charge of a Donkey charity. The interviewer asked her about it----she then said that people with 'ADHD' always need something in their hands to fiddle with. This was all classic propaganda.

I have already emailed the BBC just how fukin bias that crap was.

D Bunker said...

E-Yup. We've written about this before.

Problem is, it's Not some exclusive UK problem. Our own Stateside Bureaucrats keep selling approval for more and more of these drugs left and right.

Sorry about the FDA Label links etc. being rotted. At some point we'll go trace them back to wherever they got moved to.