Saturday, October 16, 2010

J&J/Risperdal Lose: Jury Awards $257.7 Million To Louisiana

Bloomberg has;

"Johnson & Johnson lost a $257.7 million jury verdict in Louisiana for making misleading claims about the safety of the company’s Risperdal antipsychotic drug.

J&J officials defrauded the state’s Medicaid system by wrongfully touting Risperdal as superior to competing antipsychotic drugs and minimizing its links to diabetes, said jurors in state court in Opelousas, Louisiana.

Yesterday’s verdict is the second trial loss in a state lawsuit brought over Risperdal marketing. A West Virginia judge in a non-jury trial last year awarded $3.95 million, finding the company misled doctors about the risks and benefits of Risperdal. New Brunswick, New Jersey-based J&J appealed."

The young woman in the wheelchair is suffering from Tardive Dyskinesia/Dystonia. That's one of Risperdal's Direct Effects.

The Unfortunate aspect of this story is that Juries are not yet fixing $257.7 Million Dollar Penalties to the Individual Doctors who prescribe Risperdal, and other antipsychotics: since the Psychiatric Industry informed the US Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare in 1976, 34 years ago, of its Abnormal Involuntary Movement (AIMS) numerical rating system which they use to assess the neurological damage they inflict with antipsychotics, ..... while allowing the manufacturers to take the $257.7 Milllion 'Slap On The Wrist'.

Here's AIMS scales from:

The last pdf is dated 1976. Fining the manufacturers is a joke. They can afford it.

Blaming the manufacturers for 'Misrepresenting' their product to all those poor, innocent, gullible Doctors, .... is Also a joke. If the Doctors Don't know what antispychotics are, they're:

1: Too stupid to be Doctors

2: Liars


Daniel Haszard said...

Glaxo whistle-blower gets $96 million.

The case with the Zyprexa scandal is that Eli Lilly drug company pleaded guilty to criminal wrongs ("viva Zyprexa" campaign) the Zyprexa saga was rotten through and through.
Eight Lilly EMPLOYEES got millions each as supposed informant 'whistle blowers'.Lawyers on BOTH sides got millions and millions......most patient claimants who got sick are 'mentally challenged' and less able to advocate for themselves.
The Class action Lawsuits in the US had payouts of $85,000 BUT the lawyers got 45 percent and then the govt got most of the rest for having to take care of the victim/patients medical expenses.Soooo,,,,$85K turned into about $9,000 for Zyprexa claimants many had their food stamps and other state benefits taken away because of their *windfall profit* making them worse off in the end.
Daniel Haszard Zyprexa victim activist and patient who got diabetes from it.

D Bunker said...

Doc Bonkers is also hot on the trail of Lilly's shenanigans.

Hope this brings you a smile Dan.