Saturday, October 30, 2010

ObamaCare: A Grim Diagnosis

Senator Tom Coburn has a page loaded with his reports on the rampant Waste, Fraud, and Abuse our Government indulges itself in.

Oversight And Investigations - Tom Coburn, M.D. United States Senator From Oklahoma

Here's 2 of our favorites.

Federal Programs To Die For, American Tax Dollars Sent Six Feet Under

Grim Diagnosis: A Checkup On The Federal Health Law

Election Day is Here.

Q: How do you know who's lying to you?

A:The phrase 'Investing in the Future' is a Dead Giveaway.

Every Child in America is now Issued at Birth, $120,000 worth of DC debt. And the annual Interest on our outstanding $13.6 Trillion of 'Investing' in the future is costing us $20 Billion a year in Interest.

At 2:44 on the vid, you can actually Hear the band stumbling over one of those 'Investments.'

Please Remember which of your Elected Representatives Foisted this pile of Waste, Fraud & Abuse on you, and drop Your own, personal 'Gratefulness' into the Ballot Box to Thank them for it.

These, are the kind of 'Investments' we've been suckered into paying for in the past.

If Your Going Through Hell, Keep Going.

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