Friday, March 3, 2017

University of Southern California Creating "Emergency Fund" For Illegal Immigrant Students

"Illegal." It's just such a Difficult word to understand.

Even our computer desktop dictionary has been infected with a near terminal case of PC.
1 Adjective:
"prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules"
2 Noun:
"(colloquial, derogatory) An illegal immigrant.'


USC is a taxpayer funded university and is clearly using some of those funds to promote a sanctuary campus.

Via Campus Reform:

The University of Southern California is working to establish an “emergency fund” to cover travel and legal expenses for students impacted by President Trump’s executive orders on immigration.

In an email sent last week to students enrolled in USC’s Price School of Public Policy, USC Graduate Student Government (GSG) Vice President Christina Gutierrez announced that the GSG had “nearly unanimously” passed a resolution titled “Denouncing President Trump’s Executive Orders Restricting the Refugee Resettlement Program and Travel from Seven Muslim-Majority Countries, and Reaffirming Support of Refugees, Muslims, Immigrants and Religious Pluralism.”

The resolution not only demands that the administration issue a statement condemning the executive orders, but also that it increase funding for “mental health centers that serve Muslim, refugee, immigrant, international and other marginalized student groups,” as well as “provide culturally sensitive mental health services for individuals that hold more than one marginalized identity (LGBTQ+, Muslim, immigrant, refugee, undocumented, etc.).”

According to Gutierrez, more than 250 USC students are directly affected by the orders, the second-largest number of any university in the country, prompting the GSG to add a provision to the resolution calling for “an emergency fund to cover travel and legal expenses of those students who are adversely affected.”

A notation at the bottom of the resolution claims that the GSG Director of Campus Affairs has agreed to an initial allocation of $11,000 for the fund, which would come from the existing Campus Affairs budget. GSG board members and campus administrators, such as the Dean of Religious Life, are in the process of creating disbursement models modeled after the University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate Student Emergency Funds.

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Thank You Campus Reform and Huck Funn.

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