Monday, March 27, 2017

Metal Break: Stratovarious: Kill It With Fire (A Reminder To The GOPE: Promising This Is What Got Your President Elected)

ObamaCare: The Defining Issue of the last election. Promising to Kill it is what destroyed Dem majorities all over the country.

But the Private Insurers are gone, ObamaCare killed them.

Remember that nasty, horrible thing Liberals Love to castigate as a moral failing?

That sin of all sins?

Plain, old fashioned Greed?

Erase any barriers to selling Insurance across State Lines (along with cleaning up State Insurance Commissions and no nonsense anti trust enforcement) and Be Amazed, Simply Amazed, at how fast Private Insurance Companies will appear out of nowhere.

Give them Tax Breaks but Anti Trust them at the hint of a merger.

Keep them independent. Keep them competing with each other.

Make the market so attractive that the market conditions alone will create Hundreds of smaller, Private Insurers.

The more Private Insurers you have the Lower the cost to consumers, as they all try to out perform and undersell each other.

It's not rocket science.

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