Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Proposed GOP Replacement For ObamaCare Released


This should be rich. They've had How many decades to make the VA work, . . . 

NAVY Veteran Takes His Own Life After VA Denied Him Full Disability Benefits

but This Time, . . . they'll get Government Medicine to actually work?

Via Fox News:
House Republicans have released the text of their long-awaited ObamaCare replacement bill.
The legislation, called the American Health Care Act, can be read online at readthebill.gop.
The sweeping legislation would repeal ObamaCare certain taxes and subsidies, along with the so-called individual and employer mandates.
The legislation would allow state insurance exchanges to exist for now, and would preserve protections for those with pre-existing conditions.
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Thank You Fox and Nick. 

Yo, Pubbies; you were elected to Repeal it, not send it to the ER, give it a haircut and send it back out covered in band aids re-branded with an R instead of a D.

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