Monday, March 20, 2017

Chicago Music Store Forced To Shut Down Over Owners' Trump Support


Can you feel the love, tolerance and inclusiveness of the left?
Via Breitbart:
Suzzanne Monk and Alexander Duvel, owners of Worlds of Music Chicago, said on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that their Trump support is causing them to shut down their music store in April.
Monk said she was “outed” as a Trump supporter after she and her husband posted about the University of Illinois-Chicago rally that was shut down by protesters.
“We actually drew some attention from the left, and they ‘outed’ us at that point as Trump supporters,” Monk said.
Since being “outed,” Monk said she and Duvel have been subjected to online threats and a decline in business, adding that friends have been wary of recommending anyone to the store because they back President Donald Trump.
“[It was] like I was just becoming more of a liability to [friends] because they couldn’t associate or recommend my shop to do business simply because of their peer group being so seriously anti-Trump,” Duvel explained.
Monk added that many people the couple had known for a long time decided the two were white supremacists and xenophobes without any evidence other than they voted for Trump.
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Thank you Huck Funn and Breitbart.


Online threats.

Music Store.

What's surprising here is that they haven't (yet) triggered another Democrat Congressional Investigation, . . . you never know, . . . that photo looks - to the gun grabbers - like they could be a front operation for one of them danged subversive, right wing Militias.

Don't even see an electric guitar. Dead giveaway. Them acoustic throwbacks and their traditional ways and values. How Dare They!

They probably even believe in the Constitution!

US AG Eric Holder: My Single Failure Is Not Enacting Enough Gun Control

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