Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Wants To Cut Regulations By 75%


Regulations are a killer for almost any business small or large.
Via The Hill:
President Trump reiterated his campaign promise Monday to try and cut 75 percent of regulations.
“We’re going to be cutting regulation massively,” Trump said during a White House meeting with business leaders. “We think we can cut regulations by 75 percent, maybe more.”
This isn’t the first time the president put a figure on the number of regulations his administration intends to repeal. In October, Trump said he planned to cut “70 to 80 percent of the regulations.”
Trump on Monday said regulations are “out of control.”
At the time Trump was sworn in on Friday, the Federal Register contained 89,535 regulations — many of which Republicans say are outdated and duplicative. Those regulations have piled up since the government’s rulebook launched in 1935.
By that measure, the Trump administration would need to cut 67,151 rules to hold true to his goal to cut 75 percent of regulations.
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