Monday, January 30, 2017

Evoking Reagan and Thatcher: May Hails New UK-U.S. Special Relationship


Back to a better time.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Evoking the closeness of U.S. President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and Donald Trump shared a “warm conversation” at lunch on Friday to cement their own “special relationship”, a source in May’s team said.
May’s visit to the United States, the first by a foreign leader since Trump was inaugurated as president, has been hailed by her aides as a resounding success, one, they say, that has strengthened her hand in divorce negotiations with the EU.
A statement from May’s office said Trump pledged to ensure that the trade arrangements that Britain currently has with the U.S. through its membership of the European Union will continue in place the moment it leaves the bloc.
It was not clear how Trump’s aides viewed the meeting on Friday when the two leaders held talks and then had a lunch of baby iceberg salad with blue cheese and braised beef shortribs, but the UK delegation saw the visit as a triumph.
“They talked a lot about Thatcher and Reagan, and both agreed it was one of the most successful political relationships ever,” the source in May’s team said. “Trump went on to say that he always looked up to Reagan and said that he wanted their relationship to be even better than that one.”
Ties between Britain and the United States struck a highly personal tone under Thatcher and Reagan in the 1980s, with the image of them dancing at a ball at the White House epitomising the trans-Atlantic “special relationship”
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