Monday, January 30, 2017

California To Give Lawyers To illegal Alien Students To Stop Deportations

Paging Jeff Sessions.  Paging Jeff Sessions.


Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California system, eagerly spends the taxpayer’s money to defend people who are breaking the law just by being in California. As of 2013, illegal aliens were costing California taxpayers $25.3 billion per year, or $2,370 per household headed by a U.S. citizen.
Via Washington Times:
The University of California will provide lawyers to any of its illegal immigrant students who get detained by agents, system President Janet Napolitano said Friday.
She said the assistance won’t extend to their family members, but if any students get snared as President Trump calls for stiffer enforcement, the taxpayer-funded school system will ensure they get help as they go through deportation proceedings.
“We will supply them with a lawyer,” she said at a forum sponsored by the Migration Policy Institute.
Ms. Napolitano, who was President Obama’s first Homeland Security secretary before becoming president of one of California’s public college systems, said illegal immigrants with lawyers do much better in their deportation cases than those without.
California is among the most generous states to illegal immigrant students. It already offers in-state tuition for illegal immigrants who attended state high schools, and also has a loan program designed to provide money that the migrants would have been eligible for from the federal government, but for their legal status.
Gov. Jerry Brown, however, has proposed phasing out an assistance program for middle-class families — drawing fire from those who say the state shouldn’t be prioritizing illegal immigrants over legal residents.
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