Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Inauguration Party Organizers Say Not To Worry, 'Alpha Veterans' Will Protect Against Protestors


Sounds like it’s going to be interesting…
Via Daily Caller:
Organizers for the Deploraball, a Trump inauguration celebration, bragged about the “alpha veterans” guarding their event after protesters claimed they would try to ruin it.
Organizers called potential party crashers “foolish” if they tried to break into the ball, reports the Washington Times.
“With all the high-testosterone veterans and alphas attending, a protester would be foolish to try to infiltrate the party — but we are still taking every possibility seriously,” a Deploraball notice posted on Gateway Pundit declared.
A security team was added to the event and four people would man check-in to ensure that only the attendees enter, organizers said.
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Thank You DC and Nick.

The Deplorable. 

Gotta love it. Versus the Democrat sense of humor? 

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