Friday, January 13, 2017

New Secret Chinese Submarine Armed With Nukes Capable of Hitting America Surfaces ...


Via The Mirror:
China’s new secret nuclear stealth submarines been tipped to enhance its nuclear capabilities amid reports it may carry missiles capable of reaching the United States.
These pictures of the “Jin” Type 094A rear has triggered belief it can carry 12 ballistic missiles hidden in its “hump” rear.
The missiles are reportedly known as “big waves” and can launch over 11,000km.missiles known as ‘big waves’ – with a range of over 11,000km.
The shape is believed to make the vessel more aerodynamic in the water.
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Thank You The Mirror and Nick. 


China: US Govt Trade Representative 

If you haven't read it yet, read it now.

The above subs are what you are Actually buying in trade for "Cheap Imported Goods." 

So, yeah. We don't have a problem with bringing American Companies back to America, to employ Americans.

We don't have a problem with renegotiating bad trade deals.

Git 'er done Mr. President.

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