Monday, October 24, 2016

Thousands of California Soldiers Forced To Repay Enlistment Bonuses A Decade After Going To War


The government gave it to them. They shouldn’t have to pay it back. Ever pay the IRS too much money? Did you get it back? Nope, you gotta ask them first.
Via CBS News:
Nearly 10,000 California National Guard soldiers have been ordered to repay huge enlistment bonuses a decade after signing up to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, a newspaper reported Saturday.
The Pentagon demanded the money back after audits revealed overpayments by the California Guard under pressure to fill ranks and hit enlistment goals. If soldiers refuse, they could face interest charges, wage garnishments and tax liens, the Los Angeles Times reports.
Faced with a shortage of troops at the height of the two wars, California Guard officials offered bonuses of $15,000 or more for soldiers to reenlist.
A federal investigation in 2010 found thousands of bonuses and student loan payments were improperly doled out to California Guard soldiers. About 9,700 current and retired soldiers received notices to repay some or all of their bonuses with more than $22 million recovered so far.
Soldiers said they feel betrayed at having to repay the money.
“These bonuses were used to keep people in,” said Christopher Van Meter, a 42-year-old former Army captain and Iraq veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart. “People like me just got screwed.”

Thank You CBS and Zip.

Soldiers sign up knowing the job entails possible loss of life and limb. Capture by the enemy may mean a youtube beheading, on their knees, with a knife, but this enlistment bonus was over the top and the Government feels it got cheated.

So give it back to them.

Does this mean we can send the Bill for ObamaCare back to the DNC, Pelosi, and Obama PERSONALLY?

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