Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ISIS Stones Woman To Death "For Adultery" After She Refuses To Marry Jihadist


Via ARA News:
Islamic State (ISIS) extremists executed an Iraqi woman on Friday after accusing her of “committing adultery.” Local sources reported that the woman was killed in Mosul city, in Iraq’s northwestern Nineveh Governorate.
The 32-year-old woman was stoned to death by militants in Mosul’s Darkazliya neighbourhood.
“The ISIS-led Sharia court said in a statement that the woman was charged with adultery, without providing further information,” media activist Abdullah al-Malla told ARA News in Mosul.
“ISIS jihadists demanded the people of Mosul watch the brutal execution, and forced dozens to participate in stoning her along with the group’s militants,” al-Malla reported.
Informed sources in Mosul told ARA News that the woman was, in reality, sentenced to death for refusing to marry an ISIS militant.
“The adultery accusation was completely baseless. This woman was executed for escaping her family’s house after an ISIS jihadist asked for her hand in marriage and her father agreed,” Raafat al-Zarari, head of the Nineveh Media Centre, told ARA News. “She preferred death

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Trump says Build A Wall.

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