Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ISIS Deep Fries Own Members In Oil Pit For Fleeing Battlefield


Via Daily Star:
It has emerged that ISIS are not just burning oil pits to obscure war planes as they prepare for a bloody showdown with Iraqi forces – they are also using them to FRY their own men, it has been alleged.
It appears militants who chickened out at the last minute in Mosul are facing a far worse fate as the terror cult refuses to take any prisoners.
It has killed at least nine of its own for fleeing the battles, according to state media.
The men were hurled into trenches full of burning oil while still alive.
Al Sumaria News stated: “ISIS terrorist gangs executed nine of its members for fleeing the battle against the security forces in Mosul, by throwing them in trenches containing a burning oil, after tying their hands and legs.”
The trenches are also part of a plot to foil Iraqi troops and coalition forces – rumoured to include UK special forces – who are gaining ground.
Thank You Zip and Daily Star. 

So, you bored young malcontents think maybe the call to foreign adventure with ISIS might be just what the Doctor ordered for your ennui?

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