Thursday, June 30, 2016

DHS Sec Jeh Johnson Refuses To Answer Senate On Govt. Terror Scrubbing Tactics

At 4:29 ISIL has Hijacked MY RELIGION?

Home Grown Extremists? 

Titularly, this is a blog about Psychiatry. 

If and when you open the case files for the uninitiate you run the not inconsiderable risk of being marginalized by being accused of being a Scientologist.

For all of the negative press COS has gotten, we have not seen Scientologists killing 49 people in a gay nightclub so they can get into heaven to collect their 72 Operating Thetans.

Neither have we seen them corrupting the FDA, the DOJ, and committing wholesale criminal financial fraud against medicare, medicaid and tricare.

Are we in any way affiliated with COS?


Does COS get a tax break as an organized church/religion?

We do not know, and do not care.

"ISIL has Hijacked MY Religion"

With Jeh Johnson in situ we've got Real problems to deal with.

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