Friday, July 1, 2016

Meet California's Other US Senator, Barbara Boxer Race Baiting A Black Witness

Here's California's other U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer race baiting a black witness. She's entering some resolution from the NAACP into her files and implying that since the witness isn't on his knees kissing her Imperial butt he's a race traitor, . . . because black Americans are somehow her Party's property.

The witness, for his part, is absolutely 'on fire'.

Babs gets her azz handed to her and it sails clean over her "How Dare You!"

"Don't you know who I am?"

Babs will be retiring at the end of her term to be replaced by Kamala Harris, . . . because, . . . she lost her Chairmanship at the head of the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee in the last election, so she's hiking up her skirts, taking her ball, and going home.

And you wonder how the Senate Democrats have continued to get away with what they've gotten away with so far.

Babs, the cleaners called. They want to know when your people are coming in to pick up your purple togas.

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