Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 1944

468,000 American casualties.

God forgive us.

We've brought the ideological filth that caused it right into our own home. Government feeds it and pats it on the head. People who don't know jack about it nod, and unload their liberal guilt, agreeing with every elected scumbag, every time any elected scumbag rants and raves about buying even more of it, because it's compassionate.

June 6, 1944

Dad was in that war. Convoy duty, US Navy in the Pacific. He was a sight setter on 5 inch guns. Most of what he shot was flak at enemy fighter planes.

Before he passed away he made us promise repeatedly to re check every bit of electrical work he'd done around the house.

Convoys of ships need to be refueled at sea. Oilers were prime targets for enemy submarines. When a ship was torpedoed you couldn't stop to pick up survivors. You'd be a sitting duck for the next round of torpedoes.

We never knew he'd had his ship shot out from under him till his brother told us, after he'd passed away.

Do the math.

Electrical fires?

Having to sail on as men burned to death on top of the sea in the spreading fuel from a torpedoed tanker?

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