Monday, June 27, 2016

Only Law Enforcement Can Be Trusted With Guns: More Than 940 Law Enforcement Guns Lost In California Since 2010

Leave it to the Government. They're experts.


by Kerry Picket

An investigation by the Mercury News reveals that 944 law enforcement firearms have been lost in California since 2010. Among that number, 717 are unaccounted for, 192 were stolen and 35 were misplaced.

Six hundred semi-automatic pistols and revolvers were the bulk of the firearms that went missing, followed by 251 shotguns, 27 semi-automatic rifles, 16 long rifles, 15 sniper rifles, 12 grenade/tear gas launchers and 1 submachine gun.

According to The Mercury News, the stolen weapons were swiped from the back of car seats, inside of glove compartment boxes and gym bags, from dresser drawers and under beds.

“You just can’t leave a gun alone in a vehicle,” retired FBI Agent Jim Wedick told The Mercury News. “You just can’t do it.

Thank You Ms Picket and DC.

It's a pretty safe bet that most of these gun losers had to PASS a psychological profiling to get the job to begin with.

Chalk up another one for mental health.

Only the Government can be trusted with guns, because They're the experts.

CIA Arms Shipment For Syrian Rebels Stolen By Jordanian Government And Sold On Black Market

The instruction manual on this one, With "Warning! Danger Will Robinson!" written all over it is Only 500 years old.

chapters 12 and 13, regarding auxiliaries and mercenaries.

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