Thursday, June 2, 2016

Multiculturalism: So, Who Is Going To Come Out On Top? Western Civ. Or The Forces Of Darkness?

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When Push Comes To Shove

Gaza Kindergartens Graduation Ceremony Features Islamic Jihad "Cubs" Attacking Jewish Soldiers

How delightful.
Via JPost:

A video published this week documenting the graduation ceremony of Islamic Jihad’s “cubs” program for children provides a look into the violent, anti-Israel teaching that prevails in many Gazan kindergartens, which are administered by Palestinian terror organizations.

On Sunday, the ‘Islamic Way Kindergarten’ in Gaza’s Zeitoun district held a graduation ceremony for dozens of children.

A seven-minute video of the event has documented the kindergarten pupils turning from innocent children to well-trained “cubs” demonstrating how to kill Israeli soldiers.

The filmed program begins with a military parade, in which a group of children march on stage, holding weapons, to the sound of jihadi anthems.

After the parade, the children purportedly carry out a demonstration of a complex attack against IDF soldiers. The children are seen dividing into groups that use different modes of operation to target Israeli civilians and soldiers.

And we of the Mentally/Politically Healthy/Correct West are preparing our children to meet this menace How?

People Magazine Exploits Liberal Child Abuse With Story On Summer Camp For "Transgender Kids"

So creepy.

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like.

Government funding a scientistic cryptid with one purpose and one purpose only.

Feeding itself through cloaking Social Engineering us into a dead, and repeatedly failed political ideology, . . . as science.

The American kids are obviously being abused, there's no wiggle room there, but what about the Jihad Cubs in GAZA?
Aren't they being abused too?

Wrong Question.

The right question is which group of kids is going to get Dead when these two groups of kids finally meet face to face.

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