Tuesday, January 12, 2016

White House Says U.S. Should Fight Climate Change Instead of ISIS

Bizarro world.
DIAZ-BALART: “So, Jen, let me rephrase that question again. Do you, does the president believe that there are no existential threats to the United States and that groups like ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States?”
PSAKI: “Well, we wouldn’t be doing — we wouldn’t have done 10,000 air strikes against ISIL, we wouldn’t have a coordinated campaign with 60 countries around the world if we didn’t think ISIL posed a treat. But I think the president believes that American power, American leadership, needs to be used to, yes,  fight terrorists but also to take advantage of opportunities. And there are issues like climate change, like trade that are really important for us to address as we lead the world globally.”
Thank You Zip and Diaz Balart.

Who asked these people to poison America's punch with their bad acid?

We certainly didn't.

Obama Voter Fraud 

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