Thursday, January 14, 2016

University of California Santa Barbara To Hold Forum On Safe Spaces For Fat Gay Men

Every snowflake deserves to be at the head of their own line, where the space is like safe from any like, negative vibes, dood.
Welcome to academia in the year 2016.
The University of California, Santa Barbara will host a book discussion next week to discuss “the anti-fat stigma that persists in American culture,” specifically for “fat, gay men.”
The event, a discussion of the book “Fat, Gay Men: Mirth, Girth, and the Politics of Stigma” with author Dr. Jason Whitesel of Pace University, is being hosted by the UCSB Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity. According to the event page on Facebook, 34 of the 199 students invited have indicated that they will attend.
“To be fat in a thin-obsessed gay culture can be difficult,” the Resource Center’s description of the event begins. “Despite affectionate in-group monikers for big gay men—chubs, bears, cubs—the anti-fat stigma that persists in American culture at large still haunts these individuals who often exist at the margins of gay communities.”
To help students learn more about the issue, Whitesel “delves into the world of Girth & Mirth, a nationally known social club dedicated to big gay men,” which the description later states “has long been a refuge and ‘safe space’ for such men.”
Thank You Campus Reform and Zip. 

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