Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Note To American Academia: ISIS Executes Teachers Who Refuse To Implement The Group's New Islamic School Curriculum

Blowing sunshine up these people's skirts will not buy them off. 
ISIS ripping a page from the Communist playbook.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region– Several teachers and civil servants were reportedly executed in Mosul for refusing to implement the Islamic State (ISIS) curriculum in schools, a local official told Rudaw on Monday.
“For refusing to follow the ISIS curriculum in schools which contains extremism ideology and encourages violence, the group executed several teachers and civil servants in Nineveh ,” Ghazwan Dawdi, a member of Nineveh provincial council told Rudaw.
Early in October and the start of the new school year extremists in Mosul changed the curriculum to focus more on teaching jihad and ISIS history.
A source inside Mosul said that the ‘terrorists’ were imposing a new system in elementary, high school and universities on levels of education.
The group is also printing new textbooks, the source added.

Thank You rudaw and Zip. 

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