Thursday, November 19, 2015

UC Merced Students Sympathizing With Knife Attacker Faisal Mohammad

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"Don't turn our tragedy into hate."

News Trey Sanchez 

According to a story at The College Fix, some UC Merced students and faculty are showing sympathy for Faisal Mohammad, who two weeks ago, went on a stabbing rampage on campus wounding four people. They are also mourning the 18-year-old who was shot to death before carrying out the rest of his terrorist plot.
The day after Mohammad's death, an "R.I.P. Faisal Mohammad" Facebook tribute was gaining traction around campus. It was hashtagged #UCMStrong and garnered nearly 800 likes in the first day. Comments included, "I love this post. Thank you for being human. A child died yesterday; while his ACTIONS were terrible… a child died yesterday."
A "child" who was found to have an image of an ISIS flag, beheading instructions in his manifesto, and reminders to praise Allah during his planned killing spree.
Kabbany reveals that a "teach in" was held on Monday night by the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies faculty. She said it "was conspicuously devoid of discussions of radical Islam, and instead delved into topics such as how society’s notions of masculinity pressure men."
The subject of the evening was, "Don't Turn Our Tragedy Into Hate." Topics included: "What does mental health have to do with this?" - "Why are men more likely to be perpetrators of violence?" - "Why are campus police armed?" - "What do race and religion have to do with this?"
Here is the invite:
The College Fix obtained audio of the event and provided a partial transcript of what was heard that night:
"One speaker during the panel discussion delved into what she claimed was the quintessential example of manliness: “Middle class, able bodied, heterosexual, red meat, probably Christian."
"Anger, that is really what we think about when we think about emotional men,” she continued. “They are subject to social sanctions if they deviate from masculinity. If you are perceived as failing at it, you are subject to being called a fag, a p***y, a wimp, pretty much what women are, right?”
“So when you have this limited ability to sort of express your emotions and possible feelings of emasculation, of low self esteem, how do you really [deal with] that? A lot of times they … engage in violence. They need to compensate for their loss of masculinity in the most manly way they have access to, and unfortunately, a lot of times that’s violence.”
The narrative perpetuated immediately by way of authorities was that Mohammad's motivations had nothing to do with Islamic terrorism and were simply the action's of an angry young man being kicked out of a study group. And it appears as though students and faculty agree.
Yet, Kabbany did speak to one student who attended the teach-in and said he was shocked that they insisted the attack was the result of "masculinity" and would not call it "Islamic terror." He said many of the 200 people in attendance labeled anyone who called it a terrorist attack Islamophobic. 
Campus lunacy abounds.
Thank You Mr Sanchez and Truth Revolt.

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