Monday, November 9, 2015

Law School Student Govt Tries To Ban Being Mean On The Internet

Meanness: an Incurable Mental Illness coming in the next revision of the DSM: that pile of insurer defrauding life wrecking/unlawful slanders whose diagnoses and debilities are forever, in which the Quacks who concocted them keep refining their opinions, . . . 

By their own revisions they keep admitting that they were Wrong/Full of It the last time they screwed people with them.

And the people who got burned with their DSM Mistakes in earlier versions are still stuck with them.


Big brother will shut you up.

The University of Missouri (MU) School of Law’s student government has released a new social media policy that can only be described as Orwellian in scope, threatening students with punishment if they’re mean on social media, and ordering them to report their friends … or else.
The policy, created by MU School of Law’s Student Bar Association, claims the right to dictate how students talk about essentially anything:
Before you post content to any social-media outlet affiliated, or reasonably possible to be associated with; yourself, the School of Law, the student organizations here at the school, the Missouri Bar Association, the American Bar Association, or any other legal association, and the University of Missouri, please take a moment to review our official guidelines. If you are a member of the University of Missouri School of Law – Student Bar Association (i.e. a person enrolled in classes at the University of Missouri School of Law), then these rules apply to you.

Thank You DC and Nick. 

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