Monday, November 2, 2015

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Demands NBC Stop "Racist" Donald Trump From Hosting SNL . . .

What is any part of congress doing demanding a communications network alter/censor its Intellectual Property to pander to that part of Congress constituency?
What would the public/media reaction be to a group of Northern European lineage who demanded special treatment because of their, . . oh, let's call it Genetics, and formed an influential PAC called "The Race"? Or called "The Master Race"?
Oh, BTDT. It cost America alone appx. 460,000 casualties to kill it back into the sewers.
So why do we pay any attention at all, much less kowtow, to La Raza?
Via Roll Call:
Hispanic members of Congress said Monday that Donald Trump hosting “Saturday Night Live” on Nov. 7 is no laughing matter.
Trump is set to host NBC’s sketch comedy program, but members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are urging the network to un-invite Trump, pointing to his “inflammatory remarks” about Mexican immigrants.
“Mr. Trump’s racist remarks and his continued rhetoric demonizing Latinos and immigrants has created fear within these communities around the country, many of which are represented in Congress by Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus,” read the statement adopted by the caucus Monday.
In the statement, the 26 Democratic lawmakers detailed Trump’s statements, beginning with his June announcement he was running for the Republican nomination, in which he alleged Mexico was sending drug dealers, criminals and rapists across the border.
The caucus’ statement comes after Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez, D-Ill., wrote a letter to the presidents of NBC and Comcast and admonished on the House floor the decision to have Trump host the comedy show. His push also helped spur a #racismisntfunny campaign to call on NBC to cancel Trump’s appearance.

Thank You Zip and Roll Call. 

If anyone in this race has the cojones to tell them to go to hell, it's Donald Trump.

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