Monday, November 16, 2015

NYT: Obama Defends ISIS Strategy: Rejects Blocking Muslim Refugees

So now whose NUTZ?
This move doesn’t just affect Muslims. It affects anyone/everyone seeking asylum here because of mid-east turmoil. It’s strange the Times thinks all Arabs are Muslims.
Via NY Times:
ANTALYA, Turkey — President Obama declared on Monday that his strategy for defeating the Islamic State is working despite last week’s horrific attacks in Paris, forcefully rejecting calls for escalating the use of military force in the Middle East or turning away Syrian refugees at home.
At a sometimes tense news conference at the end of an international summit meeting here, Mr. Obama said he would intensify targeted airstrikes and assistance to local ground forces in Syria and Iraq, but it will take time to cripple the terrorist group. He dismissed critics who faulted his approach, accusing them of trying to profit politically from the episode.
Thank You NYT and Bill.

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