Saturday, November 28, 2015

ISIS Built Vast Network of Tunnels Under Iraqi Town Of Sinjar: Found Littered With U.S. Made Weapons, Copies Of The Koran

Which leaves us with the question, "How did ISIS get those American made weapons?"
Taking a page from the Vietcong.
Under the Iraqi town of Sinjar, Islamic State militants built a network of tunnels, complete with sleeping quarters, wired with electricity, and fortified with sandbags. There they had boxes of US-made ammunition, medicines, and copies of the Quran stashed on shelves.
The Associated Press obtained extensive video footage of the tunnels, which were uncovered by Kurdish forces that took the city in northwestern Iraq earlier this month after more than a year of Islamic State rule.
“We found between 30 and 40 tunnels inside Sinjar,” said Shamo Eado, a commander from Sinjar from the Iraqi Kurdish fighters known as peshmerga. “It was like a network inside the city.”
“Daesh dug these trenches in order to hide from airstrikes and have free movement underground as well as to store weapons and explosives,” Eado said, using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State, which is also known as ISIS or ISIL. “This was their military arsenal.”
The video, shot by a freelancer touring the town with Kurdish fighters, showed two tunnels running several hundred yards, each starting and ending from houses, through holes knocked in walls or floors.
The narrow tunnels, carved in the rock apparently with jackhammers or other handheld equipment, are just tall enough for a man to stand in. Rows of sandbags line sections of the walls, electrical wires power fans and lights, and metal braces reinforce the ceilings. One section of the tunnel resembled a bunker. Dusty copies of the Quran sit above piles of blankets and pillows. Prescription drugs — painkillers and antibiotics — lie scattered along the floor.
In another section of the tunnel, the footage shows stocks of ammunition, including American-made cartridges and bomb-making tools.
Thank You Dapandico and Business Insider.

Colorado Springs Shooter Identified, Obama Pushes For More Gun Control

Like Clockwork Obama Uses Colorado Springs Shooting To Push For More Gun Control

2703 Shootings, 440 Deaths So Far This Year In Heavily Gun Controlled Chicago

1,777 Miles From Colorado Springs NYPD Deploys Cops To Planned Parenthood Clinics Across City

[Ed; Gee, sounds like PP is a Made Organization, or something.]

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