Tuesday, June 9, 2015

San Francisco Nanny State Considers Mandating Health Warning Labels On Soda

Love it, just love it. Sodas present so severe a danger that SF wants to mandate "Danger Will Robinson" warnings on them, after their Mental Health Board conspired to Hide two drug dispensaries which inflict This crap on people.



Somewhere Michael Bloomberg is smiling.
(AP) – San Francisco officials are deciding whether to impose a warning on ads for a favorite drink of children and a bane of public health advocates: Sugary soda pop.
The “Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Warning Ordinance” would require health warnings on advertising within city limits — on billboards, walls, the sides of cabs and buses. Supporters and opponents say San Francisco would be the first place in the country to require warnings on ads for soda, which is linked to rotting teeth and obesity.
The Board of Supervisors is expected to vote Tuesday on a trio of measures to curb soda consumption, just seven months after voters killed a proposed tax on sweetened beverages at the ballot.
Liquid sugar is the new tobacco as far as public health advocates are concerned. Berkeley approved a soda tax last year, the first in the country to do so, but San Francisco rejected one. Davis, a college town near Sacramento, is requiring restaurants to serve milk and water as the default drink for children’s meals.
“This is a very important step forward in terms of setting strong public policy around the need to reduce consumption of sugary drinks; they are making people sick, they’re helping fuel the explosion of Type 2 diabetes and other health problems in adults and in children,” says Scott Wiener, one of three San Francisco supervisors pushing the legislation.
Roger Salazar, a spokesman for CalBev, the state’s beverage association, said, “It’s unfortunate the Board of Supervisors is choosing the politically expedient route of scapegoating instead of finding a genuine and comprehensive solution to the complex issues of obesity and diabetes.”
 Thank You Zip.

Oh well, Coca Cola and the other makers of soda pop just can't compete, monetarily, with Medicare, Medi-Cal, Big Pharma, and The University of California.

UCSF Is #1 Top Grossing Public Hospital In The U.S.

Here's a thought.

Does the FDA have reports of Coke and Pepsi Causing This?

   Do Coke and Pepsi have the Illuminati hawking their wares based on Feature Film Reviews?

Dr. FG Lu Is An Illuminati: And Yes, He's Serious.

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