Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Holy Mother GAIA Batman! EPA Green Regs To Create 19 Million More Mentally Ill (depressed) Minorities By 2035

CNS News

The EPA is going to make people of every color depressed.

By Ali Meyer | June 24, 2015 | 10:21 AM EDT
( - A study commissioned by the National Black Chamber of Commerce, which represents 2.1 million black-owned businesses in the United States, found that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan would increase black poverty by 23 percent and cause the loss of 7 million jobs for black Americans by 2035.
The study also found that the EPA' plan would increase Hispanic poverty by 26 percent and cause the loss of 12 million jobs for Hispanic Americans by 2035.
The EPA proposed the Clean Power Planon June 2, 2014 to cut carbon emissions from power plants. The National Black Chamber of Commerce commissioned the study to evaluate the potential economic and employment impacts of the plan on minority groups.
National Black Chamber of Commerce President Harry Alford explained the results of the report, “Potential Impact of Proposed EPA Regulations on Low Income Groups and Minorities” at the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on Tuesday.

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