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Baltimore's "Space To Destroy" Mayor Working With Terror Linked Islamic Group

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If you want to create “Space to Destroy”, why not go all the way?
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlins-Blake is all about creating “Space to Destroy” for misguided youth. But most of Baltimore still hasn’t been destroyed. It’s time to bring in the talented folks who destroyed Syria to get the job done.
Islamic Relief USA is helping immigrants and refugees to find promising opportunities as instruments of economic and community growth in Baltimore.
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlins-Blake recognized the successes of this program at a local film screening this past Wednesday. She congratulated prospective home buyers and urged non-profits to continue supporting this work.
In Next City’s film “Building Resilience in Baltimore through Immigration,” immigrants are portrayed as key actors in societal change.
Islamic migrants are unquestionably key actors in social change. Just ask the Christians of Syria… if you can find them.
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced at her inauguration in December 2011 that she would work to grow the city by 10,000 families within a decade.
“I am inspired by the optimism, determination, and resilience of immigrant communities living in our city and their ability to rebuild a brighter future after great adversity,” Rawlings-Blake said in a statement.
And nothing says great adversity like Baltimore. Now with more Afghans and Sudanese.
The IRC building sure had its share of energy! The place bustled with Bhutanese, Sudanese and Afghans, IRC staff, volunteer tutors and people dropping off donations of clothing and household items.
The latest census delivered good news for Baltimore: for the first time in 60 years, the city’s population increased. Many people, including Ruben, attribute that to the initiative to attract and retain immigrants and refugees. But the population increase was small, and it’s not clear yet whether or not the mayor’s plan will revive the city. Critics worry that immigrants are actually a drain on the economy.
Elements of the Islamic Relief Worldwide network has been accused of being linked to terrorist groups. The UAE and Israel have outlawed it. Obama works closely with Islamic Relief USA and its leadership is interlinked with the Brotherhood’s front groups such as the Muslim American Society and ISNA.
But I guess you can ask their public relations director about it.
Sheikh Omar Shahin identified himself as IRUSA’s Public Relations Director in 2010 and a bio stated he held the position in 2007.
Shahin raised money for the Holy Land Foundation and also held a position with KindHearts, both charities shut down for funding Hamas. He also hosted events by the Islamic Association for Palestine, a Hamas-tied group that is now defunct.
In 2002, Shahin preached: “Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him said: ‘You will keep on fighting with the Jews until the fight reaches the east of Jordan river then the stones and trees will say: oh Muslim, oh (servant) slaves of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him…’”
Or better not ask him. If the Pakistani settlers in Baltimore [are] hoping for talking rocks and trees to lead them to the Jews, they’re going to be disappointed.
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. 

Thank You Mr Greenfield and frontpagemag.

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